saturday 01/05/2010

350 clintz rush
Thanks mod

Jacky plus eklore, my morphun is 0xp

I will buy it for 550

For cards banned in elo , i also have jane ramba, bryan and thormund to change

Ok, thx my Eleas was bought...

friday 30/04/2010

Well that's it guys. At least until I get more from packs.

I pay for Boris 810 clinzs. And eyrton 715 but the 0xp. Plz send it directly in m'y private. Thnx

I'm buying:

Tomas (R)
Sasha (R)

pm for deal. Thanks moderator. smiley

I will do a straight up trade. Those offers are equal value. I will not add anything to it.

Hi , for my
Alec full
Vickie full

Correct Wicer.

Thanks DnL.

Although, I'm wise enough to say I doubt this trade will go through. Unless one has multiple unwanted Lamar Cr.

Sigh, guess it's joke time. smiley

- - -

A chicken sandwidch walked into the bar, ordered some food and beer. The bartender says: “Sorry, we don’t serve food here”.

Or ill give you blaaster and clara and dieter for your wee lee

Loa, he is offering 52k plus the listed cards which totals to approximetely 100k.

Good luck.

This thread is outdated. smiley

But yeah, I seem to never see my posts go through there. I mention I am using a translator though - that must be it!

I get it.

Hugo, Level 1, 470clintz....

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