monday 07/06/2010

Mods, please close this

Sold , mod please close smiley

I am willing to trade my Boohma for any other jungo. PM me for faster results.

Prices at the moment
Alec cr 46 800
3 x ghumbo 15 350 x 3 = 46 050
So keep those lol's for yourself.

Thnaks guys but i no longer have sigma, motmot check your private sales, and i no longer need akiko and tremorh

Hi, i am trading my GraksmxxT (oxp).
at the moment i am searching for cards like charlie, emeth or copper, but you can make a offer with any card that could be also interesting for me smiley
just send me a PM for faster responce...

All kind of cheap offers are welcome, send me mail or smthing.

Buying or tradeing : Astrid and Sting
Can trade in Sentogan for Sting
Any other Piranas and GHEIST are also welcome
Contact via mail plz



I'd like to buy any level marina for 6600.
Price rate can increase.

Thx Mods.

Please close.

Thx Mods.

I trade my 12 hystrix for your 24 thormund smiley

thanks mod smiley

I want a Naginata...
timber x3
coraille, jeff, mac hen, warren
amy, zdrone lv 1.......
Naykee lvl2 plus Zoltan total amount 2k

I'd like to get Gwen, Wanda and Svetlana at the 1* versions. Let me know if you're interested, and your price!

I sell Lao Cr for 500 000 privat sell.

One more day or ill start buying of market smiley

Jedi - only looking for Rass Cr
Luisohh - Dragan might be gone will know in about 2 hours
Dave - Sorry no you are asking way too much

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