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saturday 16/04/2011

Hello, i want to buy your Jackie Cr for 77 k.

Sent me VIA private sells if you want to sell me for that price

Thanks mods smiley

Close pls..

Looking to buy him for 125k

friday 15/04/2011

Hello people i'm interested to trade my kiki cr full exp that i value 7.6M i'm very interested to guru cr + complement

thank modsmiley


Title says it all. Based on the current market, that's my offer. It can possibly change. PM me if you're interested thanks.

I am looking for jim cr, I can give 3 graksmxxt (1 0 exp) and money/cards

For general cr 0xp i can accept other cr ( shawoman cr , armanda cr , ndololo cr , marlysa cr , dwain cr , aldebaran cr , berserkgirl cr , sum sam cr , jim cr , manon cr , reine cr , scarlett cr , melissa cr , cassio cr , lao cr , flavio cr , elya cr , a award cr , splata cr , ombre cr , beltran cr , geuner cr , ambrose cr , lamar cr , skullface cr , selsya cr , thaumaturge cr , dragan cr , nahi cr , rass cr , chad bread cr , alec cr , seldnor cr , page cr , swidz cr , sigmund cr , tessa cr , miss twice cr , kerozinn cr , chikko cr , amiral py cr , terry cr , diyo cr ) only full at x1

but in the exchange with general cr full i can accept only 90k

Haha because i have 90 of him lol , and i was saying if he was a higher value now id buy your guru smiley

Now put on sale my manonsmileysmiley

are mostly interested in:

Cash purchase for a figure around 1.9M

or for other exchanges which as Cr or Marlysa cr, Kerozinn cr, Vickie cr or lots of graksmxxt

otherwise if you have attractive offers post them here smiley

I have manon cr but i 'm not interesting scarlett cr smiley


I´m trying to sell Chad Bread Cr and Bogdan

I value Chad Bread Cr in 35k and Bogdan 0xp in 10.5k

I accept to Smokey Cr (38k) +8k

Mp for offers

Sigmund sold!


Close please.

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