tuesday 27/04/2010

Trading 0xp alecs + clintz for miss twice and jim..

1 0xp alec + 10k for miss twice any xp..

1 0xp alec +10k for jim any xp..

post here or pm.. thanks! smiley

I want your Rowdy and Otakool in exchange.
PM me if you like.

Sorry, striker is good, but u cant use striler alredy @ 3 stars with ability with stats of 7/4 soa smiley

I want a kolos full i want to trade for cassio cr 0xp so pm me if you are interested.

thanks mods

22 full
4 level 2
5 (0 exp)

1500 each or 43k for the lot.

monday 26/04/2010

I want 35 of them for sum sam cr

Akaaa he wants Jackie, he doesnt already have it

Looking for 700k in cr's. Message me

Close please thxsmiley

Selling Skiner level 2 for 2k

I am trading my A Award Cr (0xp).

Looking mainly for multiples of these:

...... but may be looking for a few New Bloods as well.

Pm me or list your offers here smiley

Never mind -.-

Close please

Close pls All Cr ´s are done

THX who trade with me

Willing to trade it for bridget and grudj or clintz. PM me for ur offers

Ok, someone pm me and trade some jackie.

Mod, close this thread please. smiley

Thanks smiley

I have Trained 5 Owen from 0 Xp .


1 Owen for :
13 Jetos
12 Mac Hen
11 Strynge
10 Brandon

2 Owen for :
2 Muze
10 Filomena
20 Brandon
1 Bodenpower ( 0 xp )

3 Owen for :
20 Borss
30 Brandon
35 Jeto
1 Angie

4 Owen for :
Eyrik + 1k clintz
40 Brandon

5 Owen for :
5500 c

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