saturday 24/04/2010

Buying Gatline from La Junta. Only buying 0Xp Gatline for reasonable price.

Send me a message for faster response.

Thanks Mods

Il buy him for 1.8k

Lao CR for 455.000 Clinz

The Dragoness 4 piotr

I will sell kolos for 28k in cards or in clintz

i am looking for yayoi, nobrodroid, wee lee, jackie, smokey cr, chad bread cr, or crash in bulk
talk to me about any combinations that you may have with cards and clintz or just card combinations
my kolos is full xp

You go by the 0xp price because all people are going to do is level it to level 4 then play..

Sold! thanks for the player who helped me

My Terry Cr (MAX) for ur 2 Katan (any level)

Shann (U) 0xp 3500

I will also give these cards with the ones above.

Chlora [C]
Fifty [U]
Laetitia [U]
Loocio [C]
Sleam [U]
Massiv [U]

This thread was created long time ago..this should be closed

Pliz close thanks mods

How much for amber

Mod close plz

Toro 6.1 k

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