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saturday 26/06/2010

A deal has been made, thanks everybody

Guys.... wait first... A customer is offline and he is still making his decision about buying all of the cards I posted....

Close this. Tx


Still looking for offers smiley

Im not interested anymore smiley

Thanks to XC fasT smiley

Close this

We can't pm you...
It's maybe your problem smiley

Because if we can pm you, you could receive any msg smiley

When we can pm you, pm me, i have an offer for you smiley

Close Please.

A shawoman 0 exp ??

PM-ed you.


Need Hikiyousan in my Ulu clan, help plz!

I'm trading my 20 Angie (all 0xp)
for your
1 Caelus & 1 ghumbo

Please either post offers here or by pm smiley

4 oshitsune for 28k (all 0xp)

5 ghumboh (1lv 4 40xp) 65k

post here or pm me

friday 25/06/2010

Ill buy kolos for 20k and yayoi pm me if interested

Close please. Ty.

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