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monday 07/02/2011

Accepting offers for a bulk of 300 x lothars.
I am looking mostly for tana cr or another cr of equal value

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Yo steve, you messaged me but you still aven't changed your settings. haha.

@PGeneral is in lead and he beat the reserve smiley

90 burdock for tana ?

• Dregn Level 5 - bought from RVG_PINZON - 35 500 Clintz.

Close this please smiley

Still looking... i have over 1million clintz to spend

sunday 06/02/2011

How did you get those cards?

I'm looking for Tessa Cr, in exchange for crs and clintz. Crs:

Miss Twice Cr 0 xp
Kreen Cr
Smokey Cr
Page Cr
Reine Cr
Chad Bread Cr
Jim Cr

Open to negotiation. PM to negotiate =)

Hi all XD I m auction my Scarlett Cr full.

auction ends Sunday Ferbuary 10 , 2:40am HK hours
starting price: Zatman
Reserve price : 1.9m

Alright im a bit low on clintz right now so i won't be accepting any more offers until is say so (If they are already in my PS then just leave them there they will be first priority)

I want to buy Copper for max. 14 000 clintz
I really need him in my deck
Please send me a message wen you want to sell your Copper to me for max 14 000


I couldn't have said it better Vandala.

Thanks to all, but I just received a trade from one of my guildmates so I'm set.

Any1 wanna trade some montanas for some vortex or umm ula

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I am looking to buy the following cards.

Rick for 0.3k
John for 0.6k
Miranda for 0.9k
Lulabee for 2.8k
Peeler for 8k

Just send them to my private sales

Now looking for about 2.8k

Any cr's don't care which clans.

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