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friday 25/06/2010

Plzz close

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Please make a new thread smiley

I have one at full XP

I can sell you one Bob Joby for 150 ... Just message me if you want to trade and I'll try to get back to you ASAP smiley

PS. He's fully leveled.

Mod plz close

I Have Piotr from Freakz if still needed PM?

thursday 24/06/2010

Will take 1700 clintz/cards a piece, or next best offer.

PM for fastest results.

Actually i am willing tto sell any of the following cards matched up for terries

rubie draherra wardom levitonn lin xia arkn or stacy

if ur looking for gheist and still have terries sitting there heres a offer all the card for 9 terries but wait theres more if u buy in the next hour the price will drop to 8 terries

Close please. smiley

16 are maxed, 29 are 0xp.

I am selling them for 350 each for a total of 15750 in clintz, but a trade with 1-2 cards can be negotiated.

Close, please mods.


Close please got my trade smiley

I need the following cards:


please ps me if you have the card and hopefully they do not exceed the value written on top

thanks mod

I had been make a deal, you can close this mods
Thank you for your help mods smiley

Close mods tnx

I have Reine Cr and jim Cr

Close please, mods.
Thank you!!!

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