friday 23/04/2010

Omg finally i will buy copper for 9.2k please we can nogotiate


Close please thx modssmiley

None wana sell?

thursday 22/04/2010

I will buy kenny for 12000 clints talk here

I meant 1K for both haha, and someones bought them

5 timmys 3k

I will sell Elea Nyema Scotty Askai for 9k

Nosmileype yet

Sold. Thanks Mods

Ill take less if you give a good offer.

Adler aqcuired and yes i did indeed mean 2 stars, thread can be closed thanks

Put the list and price here....
Thanks ! smiley

I have a 450 XP Praxie if you still want to trade

Sold the card

The trade is done with brahmaman thanks mods this can be close

wednesday 21/04/2010

Bangers:bodenpower willy fifty lennox
all stars:oyoh robb eyrton alexei
priced at around 14.8k and i want a chad bread cr which is worth 15k
can you help me out plz
ty mods

Sold for 1800...
Thanks all.

I can do Coby for 8k

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