friday 23/04/2010

I want to buy it for 8300, if someone wants to sell it pelase PM me, thanks!

Looking for clintz or methane, anibal, skeelz

Looking to buy Blaaster for 10,000 clintz.
Please pm me or even put it in my private trades if this subject hasn't been closed.
Thanks for taking the time to read this.

Omg finally i will buy copper for 9.2k please we can nogotiate


Close please thx modssmiley

None wana sell?

thursday 22/04/2010

I will buy kenny for 12000 clints talk here

I meant 1K for both haha, and someones bought them

5 timmys 3k

I will sell Elea Nyema Scotty Askai for 9k

Nosmileype yet

Sold. Thanks Mods

Ill take less if you give a good offer.

Adler aqcuired and yes i did indeed mean 2 stars, thread can be closed thanks

Put the list and price here....
Thanks ! smiley

I have a 450 XP Praxie if you still want to trade

Sold the card

The trade is done with brahmaman thanks mods this can be close

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