monday 19/04/2010

Cheapest Tessa Cr on the market is 168,000. She fluctuates from 160-175. I cannot remember when I last saw her at 150k. Increase your offer to 165,000 and I will sell you my spare copy.

Hi, I am looking to buy Azel under market price. I will pay 1680 clintz for Azel. You can negoitionate the price as long as it's reasonable. PM me or private sale me. Thanks.

I think you are 10K short on the Sentinel side.

sunday 18/04/2010

I want a Talijon + a complement and no other offers

For about 5-6k

2 threads with the same cards? Close one please, or I will. Thanks smiley

I have Manon cr full, Scarlett cr full and some clintz. I am looking for Guru cr, DJ Korr cr, or Lyse Teria Cr. PM me if interested.

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Now going for 5200

I buy this cards:
Toro Starting prize: 6050 clintz
XU52 Starting prize: 3790 clintz
Anibal Starting prize 1460 clintz
Leviatonn Starting prize: 10000 clintz

Sorry.. this was out of date...

Update : Jackie is fully leveled now , and how could I forget , THANKS MODS

I'm looking for Cr's or High priced cards.

Trading Dayton and 3000 clintz for eyrik plz pm me i really nid it..
If its a deal, i will send it on that day or the next day as i can only sell one per day

All full

Lol phaige! just sell it to the market. smiley

I will buy


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