sunday 18/04/2010

Sorry.. this was out of date...

Update : Jackie is fully leveled now , and how could I forget , THANKS MODS

I'm looking for Cr's or High priced cards.

Trading Dayton and 3000 clintz for eyrik plz pm me i really nid it..
If its a deal, i will send it on that day or the next day as i can only sell one per day

All full

Lol phaige! just sell it to the market. smiley

I will buy


I recently sold like 100 cards so i have 59 017 clintz.

Does anybody have a 0Xp Skullface Cr I could buy for that price !
or 49k + a Graksmxxt .

Any other trades for skull face 0xp post here !

Selling 2 Weelee's 16950 clintz each

I have decided that I am just going to sell them at the market

Since sigma is a new card, everyone expects her price to drop, so i will offer an extra card as a bonus.

No i don't sorry

Nvm, by the time this thread got approved, I found a friend who was willing to trade.

Why are they all the same value as market? no one will buy them unless they are less

Nevermind, i got onesmiley

saturday 17/04/2010

I will buy Archibald for 600clintz pm me if you can help me out

4 somba and 4 adler for ongh

Ok i just got smokey cr for 2k less then my offer by market an load of luck lol

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