tuesday 11/05/2010

Mods can close this please and thanks. smiley

I will buy Tomas

Sigma, Corvus, Z3r0 D34d, Shogunn or Eyrik
any one will do send the card to me after that i will send you 24 0xp leo's

Buy aurora for 5600

42k it is

monday 10/05/2010

All are sold

Looking to buy Methane, Z3r0 D34d and any Rescue characters

I would like to trade my Blaaster for Ghumbo for any level. Besides, my Blaaster is full which could be directly used after trade. Their price are almost the same on the market. If you are interested in the trade, please PM me. Thanks mods! smiley

I am not making an investiment I am using it, and selling them in lvl 3 is a waste, the more I spend, the more I loose...
Buying 215 a piece, plz someone....

19K FOR COPPER and coby

Ill give u it
for 28k

For the cheapest price!! ty plz msg me as quick as possible or post

[BUY] Multiple Tremorhs @ 2k a piece, please put in my private sales and I will take them off of your hands quickly. Thank you for your assistance in this matter.smiley

I wanna buy a gwen lvl 1 0 xp willing to pay up to 700 and no trade

Thanks for the idea funny man smiley
hope its working for you smiley

How much are taljion and tula?

Im willing to pay 6500 for a praxie 0xp or full doesnt matter

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