monday 10/05/2010

Ill give u it
for 28k

For the cheapest price!! ty plz msg me as quick as possible or post

[BUY] Multiple Tremorhs @ 2k a piece, please put in my private sales and I will take them off of your hands quickly. Thank you for your assistance in this matter.smiley

I wanna buy a gwen lvl 1 0 xp willing to pay up to 700 and no trade

Thanks for the idea funny man smiley
hope its working for you smiley

How much are taljion and tula?

Im willing to pay 6500 for a praxie 0xp or full doesnt matter

I am buying a Smokey Cr, any level, for 26k.
PM me if you are interested.

Here are my trades
0 exp kenny
0 exp ongh
0exp sylth
0 exp jalil
0 exp shogunn
zatman full
0 exp shann
0 exp burger
and 5k
heres what i am looking {for everything full} :
and eadh
pm or post for offers i have some other staples thanks modssmiley

Buy bloodh 4.5k

Selling:Spiaghi, Aldo, Ben, Hawkins Noel. Prices are Negotiable. PM me for offers.

The start and end dates are confusing, as it is already 10 MAY.
Please make a new thread with the correct dates smiley

sunday 09/05/2010

Anyone want to buy

Illgy not enough you offered 490/each...

i sold it

FYI, its just 100c discount its not like im asking it for free so dont SPAM if you dont have anything to say about the sale..

How do u know I have a vermyn n?... Nvm, not looking for glorg anymore already bought it ty anyways

Gatline x23 44000
Jayta 16x 26000
Manfred 17x 32000

smileyi have 200 oshitsune but i hate splata cr

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