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wednesday 16/06/2010

You may now close this mods, thank you.

I have 22x Brittany [7 0xp/15 fulls ] looking for 7.5k
PM for faster response.. offers accepted

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He wants it for 500 clintz cheaper smiley

I am looking for any 0xp cards from 4-5 star price range is 50-600 clintz
i would like to buy in lots from 5-50 cards but one could help

Askai, Boohma,Borss,Chill,Hystrix,Mindy,Nyema,Odile,Pegh, and Scopica for 21k

only selling in bulk pm me for more info

Chill has been bought, could a mod close.

Close plz, mods.

Lol, shame u didnt put this up yesterday. i was trading for kolos n wee lee along with a few other valuable cards smiley

Dragan and Miss Twice yeah but still short the offer, let s see what else smiley

@scacco89 - I must decline that offer but thanks for the interest smiley

Write the exact price you want to sell your cards. You’ll be able to negotiate later on.
A sale is not an exchange nor an auction, the buyer has to be able to buy it at the price written in the subject.

0xp Mona for any xp Uranus

Thanks mods/viewers

~Pm for quicker response.

Close this mods tnx gonna make a new one !!! wrong spelling XD

Jungo's I have:
Niva, Scopica, Wendy, Pegh, Mindy, Buba, Radek, Borss
Rouch price of about 15-17k
Sakrohm I want:
Eris, Graksmxxt, Skrumxxt, Slopsh, Jautya, Uranus, Petra
Rough price of about 24-26k

So obviously my cards arn't enough to get me all the cards i want but im looking for some good bargains for some of the cards in my wishlist... PM me if you have a deal in mind.. Thanks everyone!!

Dont wanna sound mean..... but thats like over 20k difference......

Close mods tnx smiley

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