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thursday 24/03/2011

Dealn done
thank you
please close

I offer Seldnor Cr (full xp) and i search a Kolsosmiley
PM if you are interessted smiley

Ulu Watu:25 serenas 0 expe
Piranas:Aktara,Bloodh,Cyan,Dante,Ector,Gran Vista,Greesh,Hawkins,Hawkins Noel,Kristin,Mayhem,Pesth,Puff,Raeth,Scubb,Selma,Sliman,Spycee,talijon,Tula,Tyd,Ulrich,Wheeler
Freaks:Akendram,Baldovino,Boris,Dacha Macha,Erpeto,Esmeralda,Eve,Graziella,Grudj,Harleen,Hula,Ironfield,Karmov,Kharl,Maamoon,Magda,Mira,Miss Ming,Nanastasia,Olga,Olga Noel,Oren,Piotr,Soushee,Titus,Twyh,Vassili,Wolfgang,Zoltan
Vortex:Butch,Drorb x2,Galen,Izsobahd 2,Kobalth,Krung,Lovhak,Neloe,Onyx,Sunder x 2
Sakrohm:Wakai x 2,Embolt,Eris 0 expe,Jautya,Nata,Ngrath,Nimestiec,Pieter,Oryon,Pulsar,TrinmkkT
Montana:Aldo,Angelina,Aniki,Edd,Ficcanaso,Gianfranco,Lino Borsa,Mort Bax,Pino,Ricardo,Simon,Spiaghi,Tino,Vito,Zodiack

Im trading my

102 harold 0xp/550 clintz each


trade for

1 charlie 0xp+22k clintz


10 qubik (i add 4k)

Looking to trade my general cr. all offers are welcomed but i'm mostly intrested in lyse + a bit smiley

Thanks mods

Glenn 0XP or full for your Dacote?

Galen full xp 280
galen 0 xp 290
put them in my PS please

For quantities larger then 50 i will give better prices.

Anyone interested? A Benson and Coraille for one Angie ,any level angie

wednesday 23/03/2011

Close please

Hello,i trade my ndololo cr 0 xp for:
11 caelus cr 0 xp
11 caelus cr full xp + 2K0K
9 jackie cr 0 xp

or marlysa cr and i add 20 lulabee full xp + ndololo cr 0 xp for she =]

I have 3 Robb Cr and 3 Caelus Cr for trade for Kerozinn Cr or Elya Cr.

I can also offer 270k for Elya Cr.

PM me it's easier since I don't usually check these.

Thanks Mods!

As in the title, I'll trade my Jim CR snd Skullface CR for your Lamar CR. PM me if you are interested.

Sorry guys, all the dregn are gone too.
The other cards are still available

I need jay skeelz


Lot of 50 0xp Unagis going for 65k. Negotiable and open to trades. I do not want to trade lot for lots unless it's something worth trading for. No ECTORS, no TYLERS etc. I actually do use Unagis at 0xp.

More Unagis available if you want. Have got 3 digits worth. Just let me know the number and your offer. Buying more doesn't mean a discount, by the way as "lot traders" should know.

Thank you.

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