monday 24/05/2010

Card Sold every1 to Commoner-LoA smiley

My marlysa cr full + 2 chiara 0 xp for a marlysa 0xp smiley

I'm serious.. no stupid offers please.. and i'm desperate to get all of those cards..

Need at least 7500 but i could be pesuade but no trade

Looking to buy/trade for a Dragan Cr
must be under market price,
Please pm me

Thanks Mods

Close this please. thanks mods

How much for your lamar Cr??

I have one and its 0exp ill be on later today

Thank you mods... please close iy now

Alot cheap on marketsmiley

I want to trade my olga 0xp for a rubie at any level or trade for jessie+ amount of clintz needed to reach market price, PM me

No more offers ?????

Skunk smileysmiley

Hello i would like to trade my lao 0xp for 320 tremorh any xp
please pm me
thanks mods

I'm gone to sell 12x Morphuns
3 0xp, 9 full.
Price for each = 36k Clintz
I accept also offer in cards like Jackies, Crs

All offer please via PM
Thx Mod

sunday 23/05/2010

3900 or more

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