sunday 23/05/2010

Hellmaker has one to sell, contract him

Reserve was not met. Please can an admin close the thread?

Many thanks,


Trading Oshitsune Full for Oshitsune 0Xp, Please Message Me for Faster Response


Mods please close this thread.

Bought zhang sol hona ronald jonas and benson...
Still looking for all the others!!

Close pls,and thx moderator

they have the same price

Mods, please close this thread.

I have no need for a Guru any longer.

Offer ends 5/25/2010 12:00smiley

I'll buy fei for 2.2k

PM me for a quick response.

I'm After anything in bulk, Lots bigger than Ten preferred. have about 100k to spend so make and offer.

Post here or message me.

Have Miss Twice Cr now.

Please close thanks mods smiley

saturday 22/05/2010

Buying 2 Ogoun Kyu and 2 Bob Joby all 0exp for 107 clintz

O- hie-a
i want um errrrmmmmmm 15 tremorph before this friday the one before the next release
umm ya
i'll give you some stuff
i have many things of value
ask for something and i could possibly have it
so abridged:
i want some tremorph
i have cards not many clintz
let's trade

I'm interested just shoot me a message

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