sunday 11/04/2010

Wait a second, PeC_Wazzupz bid is after the deadline! (A) Feygor's bid was pmed to me at around 19:00, so his bid still countz. Sorry, PeC! Thus, Commoner-LOA also wins...Sasha!

Buying 1 Ambre, preferably maxed.
20k flat.
PM me if interested.

Close, Selysa Cr has been traded.

I'll give you 23k

saturday 10/04/2010

How do u trade with some1
tell me please
and also how do u sell a character in private

You change 1 oshizune with 1 Praxie full?

Thnx to the person

Close this plz

Ill add clara for scubb

Auction Now Closed.

Reserve Price Was Not Met.

Subz > i suggest u either sell those cards in market or trade (trade = exchange) them here in market coz whether u sell im market or here , either way ur gonna lose 50 clintz to kate anyway .
u will make around 400 clintz for those 8 cards

Kenpachi - you have pm

@myeltd: no one's getting ripped. Jackie is way more valuable than that, her price can only go up and has a lot more chances
to become a CR than either emeth or niva.
And niva's way overpriced and seldom used.

Erpeto Eve Grudj Harleen Maamoon Maciej Oren Piotr Wolfgang

Im trading/selling my page cr for anything of the same value.

thanks mods.smiley

This ends in 3 days thankssmiley

If you don't want jay instead of him I can add leviatonn, muze and ditha plus yayoi and charlie plus 3.4 k clintz from my pocket

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