saturday 22/05/2010

WTB a Haze for about 1900-2000 clintz.

Thanks guys.

@NVMs Princess: sorry. your bids are out of time.


Lot #1: 7100 by NvM
Lot #2: 76000 by NvM
Lot #3: 4300 by flipstah
Lot #4: 81000 by Harley__Quinn
Lot #5: 17000 by Oneonone
Lot #6: 22000 by Harley__Quinn

Will put the cards in best bidders' private sales and contact them.

Thank you everybody!

Cards received

mods please close

thank you

friday 21/05/2010

I would trade with you but say the price of 900 a piece. i have a few oshitsune we could trade for them

I would like to buy Ongh, pm me with your prices

As the title, I have to trade 82 dalhia, some 0 xp and some full, I want to trade them for jay 0 xp (or jay full + 1000 clintz)
I propose:
MY dalhia full for your jay 0 xp
MY dalhia 0 xp for your jay 0 xp + 300 clintz
Thx moderators!

Miranda (U) (U) 827
Dayton (C) 777

Wardom 3.2k ... message or sell me if deal

Closed please, thanks

Close please..thankssmiley

trade my lyse teria 0 xp
for lyse teria full xp + complement
at least on 68.000 in cards or in clintz, I accept normal cards too
thanks moderators

Resubmit this thread after reading this:

Any offers?

Looking to buy one at slightly below average Market Price.
For about 25-26K please and thank you. PM for faster responses.

Hi, i'm selling my 50 alexei 0 xp cards for 645 clintz each, the price is negotiable, but i'm mainly looking for clintz, still a good trade offer may be accepted, i'm selling it as a whole.

Thanks in advance.

Im looking for a zatman i prefer under the market price just post in your prices pls..

Please write the exact price you want to sell your cards for. You’ll be able to negotiate later on.
A sale is not an exchange nor an auction, the buyer has to be able to buy it at the price written in the subject.

Well it was 699 when i posted it so =/

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