wednesday 07/04/2010

Im looking to trade for marlysa i can offer a lot of :

Aroung 6k-7k

The best offer is 3,3кк at this moment

Done !

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Winning bid was 91,000 with babyspike and shaunt. I will sell to Shaunt due to the feedback recieved regarding babyspike.

Shaunt.. i'll be in touch to finalise


Winning bid was _Marco_Ti3st0.

Marco, i'll contact you later to finalize everything.

I have 2 Tessa Cr (both 0xp). I'll sell both for 360K clintz.

0Xp Wandas Equal An Average Of 2000 Clintz Per Card.

I wanna buy an ambre somewhere i got 19000 clintz and all piranas and allstars

Its not to sell them for a lower price from when you bought them but lower then the current market price NOW

Still looking smiley

tuesday 06/04/2010

Close please smiley

Ill pay 120 and il buy 9 Warren yes only 9

Give cards away? Only for guild contests. smiley

Im trading my eklore for amiral py cr, terry cr and rowdy
pm me with your offers

tnx mods

Want to buy Chiara
price below 5000 clintz (if it can be)


Close this one please

I've obtained my kolos 0exp
mods plz close smiley

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