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friday 11/06/2010

Its called freedom of speech phoenix if you cant take criticism y open an auction thread?

There were only 300 of her on the market when I last checked...smiley

Actual she is 700 clintz now.

Guess no one understands the word "negotiate". nevermind then

Can i trade it for my vickie cr+1k?smiley

I want to buy 20 - 50 from Thormund...............Pm me with offers plzzsmileysmiley

Mods please close this thx

I'll buy all of them for 500smiley

I looking for Marlysa Cr.
I can offer price around 550 - 570k in cards and clintz.

350k in cash and cards which I have for trade are:
13x Eklore (10 full, 1 lvl4, 2 lvl3)
6x Gil full
1x Niva full
1x Charlie lvl4 (200exp)
7x Jackie full

Fell free to PM a offer. I can get other cards if necessary

or some other cards to the same value

Anyone willing to sell me Slyth for 17788, well that's all clintz i have atm....thanks in advance smiley

Level 3 i mean i wasent conentrating mate smiley

I'll send it to you now

I got perele so..

thursday 10/06/2010

I can Offer a Splata CR + some cards for your full Xp Tessa Cr.
Greets MT

ALL my cards Except Ghumbo are still up for trade
New Wishlist:
Junkz: Gil
Piranas: Smokey Cr (Cr), Selma, Scubb, Katan
PM me for Smokey Cr Deals and what you are looking for i might have some other cards willing to trade for Smokey

I have 90k... 2 kolos 0xp and 1 smokey cr 0 xp anybody willing to help me fill my gheist collection?


post or PM me and maybe we can work out a deal

Im interested in Jay
Ill offer Mona + 3k

Closed this subject thanks.

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