friday 21/05/2010

Sorry. Already bought.

Closed please.
Thanks mods.

thursday 20/05/2010

Ill place a bid at 5.1k in case jewel15 canceles

Selling Ghumbo from nightmare for 15k

Paying 30k for Smokey Cr

I need a hawkins are u selling it or buying it, if selling it PM me for pricesmileysmiley


[EXCH] + title
Write the name of the card you’re looking for.
Write the name of the card you want to give in return.

Will u trade for montana mona,edd,griezzo,prinze spaghai take a pic ive got every non cr but vito

a bryan
a naginata or for clint that u would offer
of even some jongo cards

Thank you mods plz close smiley

I got a max gil and peeler up for trade.. but not interested in ulrichs nor chloras.. anything else you have to offer?

Will you also accept offer that don't include dragan.

Will sell for 6.7k.

I got Leo for ya right here

I would like to buy a greow off someone for 4.3k
just pm.

thanks mods


wednesday 19/05/2010

My melissa cr +3k for your elya cr
at the moment they are both 140k

thanks mod

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