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wednesday 19/01/2011

I will buy Dregn lvl 5 for 32000
private sale me rush~

tuesday 18/01/2011

Anyone? I don't believe it! up up!

Close thread Mods.

mhoward thanks for your input.

Im in need of smokey cr and kreen cr and ill trade my striker, marina, robb, el gringo, hammer, jessie and kang

thanks mods

I am looking to obtain:

Chiara - I will pay/trade 9000 Clintz
Jay - I will pay/trade 20,000 Clintz
Caelus - I will pay/trade 23,000 Clintz

The prices above are open to negotiation. I would prefer if those characters had zero xp but am willing to buy at any xp level. In terms of trades I can offer other Skeelz cards and some Vortex cards. Please post here or PM me if interested. Thank you.



You value them at 900!?!?

500 Ector 0xp

Offers? Only serious offers! (-:

It says starting price 900 per card !


I would like to trade my:
Nahi cr: 84 000 and
Tanaereva cr: 90 000 for (add them together and you get 174k smiley )
Kerozinn cr: 175 000 OR
Vickie cr: 182 000 (i will add 8k)

Please PM me i can add only clintz, but those prices list are ver very fair.

Its certainly fair but like the title says the're cheap cards ...

Looking for 0xp to 3* Tino. No 4*.
I price them at 730 clintz a piece.

Just send them to me through private sale.

Thanks. smiley

I was contacted via PM and he has now been sold, please close this subject :].

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