monday 17/05/2010

I found Blaaster
I sold Glorg and Scubb

I'll offer 25k if you really want them off your hand =(

100k as if i could afford that u know what compleaty forget i typed this sorry if i got ur hopes up smiley

For Elvira / benson/ any other card of ur choice

sunday 16/05/2010

"you can put your car in my private selling"
littéralement, "vous pouvez mettre votre voiture dans mes ventes privées"

tu devrais t'en tenir au forum francophone M smiley

anyway, good luck for your search

Scratch the 3 lvl 1s there full now smiley

Done smiley
Darn, freebie time has just ended smiley

I would like to buy slyth for 15000-16000 clintz would any one sell

All are sold. thank you! another sale coming soon

I already have Jim cr.

Please close, thank you.

Just send any amount to my private sales for 2000 each. Level does not matter, but 3 stars are preferable. Please limit all inquiries to this thread, including selling messages and discounts (generous but unnecessary). Thank you!

I want to buy Tanaereva for
25k clintz +7k in cards
30k in clintz
if so pm me
thank you

Offering 6500 for oshitsune now. Anyone? smiley

Your praxie + 1.5k for my glorg

Benson for 750 clintz ....

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