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wednesday 09/06/2010

I wanna trade my freaks collection

for some of these cards : Marina, Striker, Willy, Vermyn N, Leviatonn, Lix Xia, Emeth, Dalhia, Hawkins, Coby, Copper, Wee Lee

PM me your trade offers, little differnces in price could be compensated by some clintz

Sry strictly trade really... if i wanted to sell for clintz i can prolly get it for more than 13k

Looking to Buy Jackie and Wee Lee please send me a message and hopefully we can figure a reasonable offer.

Sounds good to me.
Rowdy + Gibson All cards listed incl Stacey
If good I'll initiate the trade and then close the subject.

I am lookin for Nightmare card like Ghumbo and Kolos For a good deal i will pay in clitz pm me if you got something Thanks alot..

Thanks Mods

OMG, mods please close this, there are no serious biders

Looking to trade my Lao Cr 0xp for :

Marlysa Cr with Any xp


Lao Cr Full Xp + a compliment card such as Tana or Kolos or Smokey

pm me with offers or post on this board

@manfred: sorry, just 2 caelus and 1 jackie
@angel smiley

Anything really just make an offer ill take full +2-3k. ill take any serious offer into consideration.

I have dwan and i would like kuei if yes mail me smiley

I have a marina which i can sell to you for 8000.

New offer:
Jim Cr + Ambre + 40000 clintz

Ill bid 5.5k since they are worth 6k

Uh, I didn't mean Auction, i meant sell.

Please post your thread here:

For Sale :

Uppers - 33000 clintz
Beetenka - Bobby Joby - Burt - Colin - Dorian - Elliot - Frankie Hi - Gina Glitt x4 - Janine - Jeeves - Jody - Maeva - Mickey T - Mo Difalco - Nellie - Oxen - Rubie - Samantha - Stanford - Sydney - Tyler - Wendel - Zatman x2 - Zlatar

tuesday 08/06/2010

I'll take Hugo. private sale ofc smiley

Send it directly in my private for 20 000 clinzs

i have 700 000 for u onghs so send it all smiley)

thnx modo

Still looking im looking for a lot of lost hogs about 2k each

3 smokey cr+ 20k

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