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sunday 27/06/2010

Selling for 1900 each.......pm me if your interested

Sold close please mods thank you (:

I am looking to buy any 4* card at under full xp, I don't care if it is 0xp or half full. I will pay 225 per card - just send them direct to my private sales.


I would trade you Bogdan for Elvira + Vinny + 1.5k

For Bogdan Grudj and Baldovino I would charge you 7k

Anyone? smiley

Ok, send to my private selling.

I'm willing to 26 Mawpins for a Jackie and Zatman of any XP. PM me and we can make a deal

I forgot to say I am offereing clintz for those cards

saturday 26/06/2010

Agree with u xan946
18k is so not a good deal

1500 deal

Send me a message with price please.

Anyone else? i have 175 Hawkins Noel all @ 0Xp

Any one?

Sold. Moderator please close this thread.

And once again, people do not read the posts. He is BUYING, not SELLING.

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