sunday 16/05/2010

All for Charlie 0exp..
Toro+Rolph+Z3r0 D34d

if Charlie full exp

all my card are full exp

Time's up! The highest bidder is: Comment 9: 6uill3!
Your vansaar will be awarded shortly.

Aurora for 700 clintzzzz

I will buy Aurora for 700 clintzzz

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Yeah i would say use wardom or rolph

I look to trade my Marlysa 0xp for copies of Jackies full xp or 0xp or other fair offers.

Marlysa = 700000

Thanks Mods

How much would you sell nahi cr for

I accept the deal pm me smiley

No takers huh?

Now offering 800 for owen and 940 for skiner. Final offer.

You can ask your friend to create a preset showing off the cards. Make sure he deletes it after he is done though.

I'm not sure if this is accepted, but I see no problem, personally.

saturday 15/05/2010

Like the title says, i am selling these three cards. if u buy all three, u get em for 1k

Lamar Cr 0Xp

I would love to here what I could give you for greow at any level.
I have limited piranas and freakz, nothing good, so you might buy in quantity?

My Selma For your Shogunn and Bodenpower

Now Wanda 's lowest price in market is 1969 ...

1 alec down i have 3 left if anyone has good offers

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