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saturday 15/01/2011

Let's mix this up a bit, dagg + 3 scubb (3000k/each) + 4k for your caelus and tsubame? Any takers?

Why do u want him he iz so bahd

Damn, 0 xp? I leveled so many of them up.

I will trade Deea, Armand, and I have many Nightmare.

For 5 C Beast or 6 Serena

PM Me for faster response, but post here is fine.

Thx Mods

I want to buy Eloxia + Belgosi for 5000 clintz.


Hello i am looking for a Kerozinn cr for My Miss Twice Cr = 100k and 59k and a Numar = 171k or i could offer Miss Twice cr 4 Zatman and 35k= 171k aswell

I Would Like Kerozinn Cr to be 0xp but preferably Full if no 0xp

Thank you Mods , Please pm me for a faster answer !

Caelus - 24,000 Clintz
Jay - 18,500 Clintz
Praxie - 10,500 Clintz
Chiara - 8,500 Clintz
Tomas - 4,000 Clintz
Aylen - 3,500 Clintz
Eloxia - 2,500 Clintz
Please Pm Me For Negotiations


I would like to trade my Thaumaturge Cr for:
Nahi cr
Kolos and 35k
Tanaereva cr (i will add the difference in clintz)

Alec cr -
Nahi cr
kolos and 30k
tanaereva (i will add the difference in clintz)

Thanks, please PM me if you have an offer to make.

friday 14/01/2011

I thought this was a pretty good offer smiley

Mods please close.

I'll buy the lowest price? smiley

Thanks smiley

Up, i have more to add for greater cards toosmiley

Think he's buying, not selling...

Hello people i want trade my dragan cr and sigmund cr they are full exp, i search 2 tessa cr+kerozinn cr i wait your messagessmiley

thank mod

Dragan cr + miss twice cr + jackie cr for marylsa cr

Already got one thanks.

Mods pls close this thread. found my nahi cr smiley

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