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sunday 16/01/2011

Your thaumaturege ?


Alrighty, the majority of the cards are now gone, and I have pretty much what I wanted now.

Thanks everyone

Hoping to get them for 1000 clintz each smiley cheers!

I will trade my jacke cr full and 5 noodile cr ( 3 0exp, 1 pfull, 1 full)
for copies of spudd aproximately 320 ea
pm me for faster response

Close please

saturday 15/01/2011

Please talk to -HL- Mingoa he' a mod he has MANY Wanda i believe

Are you selling all the cards or you searching for it? I would love to get selma if your selling at a cheaper price than market value. (or trade perhaps?)

I'm looking to trade for Manon Cr. I can offer Lao Cr 4* 0xp , Armanda Cr 0xp , 38 C wing (37 0xp) , and Jackie Cr. PM me for offers please.

I also have around 400k in clintz to offset if needed

Hi Folks!

This is a really simple deal:
I need about 50 of each one of the named cards.
I'll give you 111 Clintz for any Level 1 Aldo and Level 1 Ricardo - so 1 is the magic number! smiley
Please DO NOT PM me about this, just put the cards into my private sales, if you're interested.
I'll post here, when i got enough cards.


PS: I don't care much about the market prices, those change nearly every day. I see those cards being worth maybe about 140 Clintz but since i buy in bulk, i think i deserve a small discount. So Please DO NOT complain about this deal being unfair - just take it or leave it.
Thx a lot! smiley

Look what I fhave found on the market:

Aigwon Noel Level 1 - bought from babyblueUR - 150 Clintz.
Aigwon Noel Level 1 - bought from niobe89 - 170 Clintz.
Aigwon Noel Level 1 - bought from KoT_LadyJ - 185 Clintz.
Aigwon Noel Level 1 - bought from BP Rangiku - 159 Clintz.
Aigwon Noel Level 1 - bought from spt-SlevinK - 180 Clintz.
•Aigwon Noel Level 1 - bought from Stige - 200 Clintz.

But I want more, and I can give you more Clintz, but not 300 smiley

I'll buy all your Aigwon Noel, but only if they have no xp.
Put them in my private sales for 240 Clintz. smiley

Or shakra+700clintz
for Rolph+XU52 XD

Let's mix this up a bit, dagg + 3 scubb (3000k/each) + 4k for your caelus and tsubame? Any takers?

Why do u want him he iz so bahd

Damn, 0 xp? I leveled so many of them up.

I will trade Deea, Armand, and I have many Nightmare.

For 5 C Beast or 6 Serena

PM Me for faster response, but post here is fine.

Thx Mods

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