thursday 01/04/2010

Ive gotten a few off these forms before.
i do hope its better this time around.
i want as many 0xp as anyone can trade be
will pay 235 clintz for each one.
but if u have bulk of 0xp please pm me and we can make a deal
and if u think that price is ok. just put in my private sales now for that price and i will buy them
thanks mods smiley

You can close this mods i've sold the most of them

Anyone want to trade a combination of Bangers, Gheist or Sentinel for Tanaereva, Wee Lee, Hikiyousan, Lulabee, Buck, Stanly, and Lucia. I have all the cards from bangers, sentinel, and gheist except the Cr cards.
I would preferably like to trade with someone that has all the cards that I'm looking for. Also, the total price for the cards that I'm looking for is 71,466 and the total price of my cards is a over 100,000, so I'll only trade for card or cards of equal value. If you have all the cards that I'm looking for then I'll let you make a 10,000 profit by letting you trade 82,00 worth of my cards instead of just 72000.

sorry if I wrote too much or if its a bit confusing.

More expensive than the market LOL

If u don't want Boris level 2, I have 10 Boris and a level 3 glorg if u want to trade plz pm me smiley

wednesday 31/03/2010

So far the most we have is Jerromy

I am selling my Stanly for just 1000 clintz. It is level 4 and i have 2 of them, so i don't need it.

If you are interested, then leave a comment or PM me.


ITS SOLD!!!!!!
No more bids

Please Close This Mods

Im selling 1001 wanda 0xp for 3k/each smiley

Even fire sale prices on the public market will net much more cash than this, which means no rational person will be interested at these prices. You might want to consider adding cards to balance things out.

Ill buy them all put them in my private sales

I Was Just Wondering Who Is Selling One,
This Is The Second To Last Gheist I Need To Complete The Clan.
(The Other Being Sigmund Cr)
My Offer Is 43, 000
Please Post If You Have Any For Sale.
Thankyou. smiley


26,000 put them in my private sales

Im looking to buy lots of timmy

any level and xp

im looking for aout 100,000 Timmy

No longer selling olga, i have a 0xp unagi for sale, and sale only, pls PM offer

Im looking to buy ricardo

any level any xp

for 110 clints aech

im looking for about 5,000 ricardo

Sold. Someone offered me a good offer of clintz and i took it.
Close please Thanks.

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