thursday 13/05/2010

I will trade my gil and wee lee for ongh pm if your interested

Im buying sol hona.

at a price ranging from free-380 clintz. thanks. smiley

just put it in my private sale.

thanks mods. smiley

Buy Jane Ramba
5.9k + Dayton

4.5k 400 Clintz off market Price PM me if interested.
Thnx mods.

@omi4 - The best I could do for a Jim Cr is 32 Jautya smiley

My Peeler for Ryuichi smiley

Honestly, i want to trade this cards for just a glorg+2k clints..

anyone interested?

Price 4200 clintzs message private if intested in selling for less amount

Still looking 4 rambasmiley

So.... no one is willing to offer?

last time i bump for offer, and if no one offers, i will wait

i am offering up to 2.5k - 3k, which she might fall even lower in the future

for quick profit, pm me

Ohh yeaaaa my bad :L

wednesday 12/05/2010

Ok ready sold all thanks Ill make a Ulta Walta one

Ups sorry
got unagi
can u tell me ur offers for him?

Close please thanks mods!

PM me and we will try and make a deal smiley

Last call for offers before I file them back into the collection smiley

I'm searching for multiple copies of jackie.. i offer in echange : cr and other cards
pm to negotiatesmiley
thx mods!smiley

I think pyrotic isnt checking this now.

Hi guys,

i'm looking to buy 6 0xp Vickie Cr for 610K.

pm me

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