wednesday 31/03/2010

Im looking to buy lots of timmy

any level and xp

im looking for aout 100,000 Timmy

No longer selling olga, i have a 0xp unagi for sale, and sale only, pls PM offer

Im looking to buy ricardo

any level any xp

for 110 clints aech

im looking for about 5,000 ricardo

Sold. Someone offered me a good offer of clintz and i took it.
Close please Thanks.

Close subject please.

Cards are no longer in my possession.

Thank you all for your bids.

More auctions to follow shortly.

Hey i have aurora wanna trade

And the Stanly is sold! To commoner LOA for his Dean plus 200!

Jalil/tremorh and dorian to ur mona and ottavia rush!!!!!!!!

I guess , its my fate to sell to kate ! smiley

moderators , close this topic .

Can someone sell me a bryan for 3000,thats all ive got right now

Im buying for 25k, pm me if interested

Closed - sold to terryicecold for 118k

Still up... any offers?

Sold to Jeffsmith at 42k.
Thanks for bidding.

My kolos for your smokey, pm me if interested

smiley you act like Astrid is useful at level two people will not buy him for no 3.4k when they can get him way cheaper as a one star....

I have 6000 clintz but I will also give you Rosa

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