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saturday 12/03/2011

Looking for a jay for 21K, PM me please

Saddy(lvl2/3)&sung tsu(lvl3/5)&xu52(lvl2/5)&taljion(lvl2/3) for 10.000 clintz

I send you a message

Still on the market!

Still trading nahi

Tsubame and 10,000c for Caelus.

Your offer is to high m8,

I think you should be able to get Marlysa around 680K!

Goodluck on getting her

Trade me... I dont care what xp Ambre is
pm me

Thanks loa_wsn, the special offer gives you atleast 20k profit. i dont get why there are people who rant about my offer.smiley

I'm trading these bulks:

150 Heegrn
200 Neloe
100 Sunder
50 Rhed
20 Katan
40 Corvus

I'm looking for non-soleil crs(splata is ok) and cash, but I'm open to any reasonable offer.smiley

friday 11/03/2011

Gonna close this thread now will post again when i am looking for more offers smiley


I am looking for an expert plumber....otherwise known as Guru Cr smiley

I am willing to pay fully in Clintz smiley

I can also do a part clintz part trade deal with good Cr's like Marlysa, Tessa, Vickie, Lamar, and Jackie smiley

I would like to keep the price under 4.5M smiley

Please pm me if you are interested or post your offers here on the board smiley

Thanks Mods as Always for Posting smiley

I trade my 14 spudd 0xp + 4000 for kerry
contact me in mp

I want all the cards you have offer please pm me

Selling 13 Hawkins as a set only for 120,000

pm me plz

So I realize my original asking price was too high. All I want now is Tanaerva Cr plus Wee Lee or Hikiyousan.

Going at 39k. Or trading for cards. Nothing in mind i want at this price at the moment but if you have something worth more, I can top up with clintz or cards. More unagis available too if you are looking for a bigger lot. Just send a pm.

No lots for lots please. Unless it's something useful. And ESPECIALLY no Tylers. Coz i actually do use these cards.


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