monday 29/03/2010

I have 3 0 exp. Vermyn N's on the market. If anyone is interested plz message me. I can easily cancel the market deal and private sale them to you.
Price=9500 each

Armanda cr + ndolo cr = sum sam cr ?

I have these for trade

Nahi Cr
Miss Twice Cr
Splata Cr
Swidz Cr
Alec Cr

Some of the cards im looking for are these

Ombre Cr
Tessa Cr
Lamar Cr

but i am open to any trade

Trading my nahi cr 0 xp + page cr 0 xp for a bulk of jungos cards.
cards i looking for:

chill 0xp
jalil 0xp
scopica 0xp
odile 0xp
elea 0 xp
kreen 0xp

pm if anyone is interestedsmiley

thanks modssmiley

sunday 28/03/2010

These three cards are the only ones I'm missing from their respective clans. I'm shipping off to basic training in two weeks and want to complete 100% of as many of the clans as I can before I leave. I'm sitting on around 80k clintz right now and have every noncollector in the game. I would love to come to a deal on one or two of these cards. Mail me with serious offers and know I do not have boundless resources.

I buy tessa cr i have got 150.000 + Charlie 4* semievo

I have a

plus clintz to make the difference

Im willing to trade 1800 clintz + Chlora + Natrang + Windy mor + Trinmkkt + Jessica
for the new guy Ronald
can anyone help

Niva is 1k cheaper so i say NO,but glorg seems to be allright,I need Marina this week but we can talk again mondaysmiley

I am looking for Vickie Cr (Cr), i have Tanaereva x1 , leviantonn x2 , Uranus x1 , Graksmxxt x1 , Zatman , Dorion , Vermyn N.
Please post here if you are interested or have a deal offer

Please use the Strategy and Tactics forum smiley

Please conclude this auction with the highest bidder

Manfred.. i am sorry but i have struck a deal with Primz. I feel i would be letting not only me, but the rest of UR down if i went back on a deal i agreed to. Sorry. Better luck next time though 'eh smiley

Please conclude this auction with the highest bidder


I have a 0xp b ball and i wish to trade it for an oxen or oren/maciej or sting or perle at any lv, balance in clintz are going to be considered, pls PM me or post here

Anyone wanna trade their Kolos and Ghumbo/ Mawpin for my Morphun? Or does anyone wanna buy my Morphun for 30K

Reserve price is 380k clintz and 400k in cr's
keep offering smiley

saturday 27/03/2010

Kuei 0XP for SkrumxxT

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