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saturday 05/03/2011

Looking for Chiara and Jay
Private message me if your willing to sell them


I also look for some cards (if you want to trade)

Marco--->1xHerman and 6xHarold/each

Message me if you are intrested smileysmileysmiley

(and thx to the mods smiley )

Also Buying

All Dolly for 320c
All Isatis for 780c
All Krash for 410c
All Glenn for 850

Hi, im looking for a Splata at the moment but i'm short on clints and would like to trade cards. i'm offering EITHER

Tanaerava Cr full(120k) + Alec Cr Full(78k) + Caelus full (29k)


Jackie 0xp (75k) + Dwain Cr 0xp (94k) + Caelus 29k + 30k Clintz

I ahve other crs as well like one star pages etc. As well as a JIm Cr 0xp which i value at 124k.

Basically I'm offering 228-230k in cards + Clintz for a Splata. Any level will do. I can just level him up. Only condition is that both Tananeava and Jackie CANNOT be in the same deal. That's about it.

Please note that prices might change especailly with some traders selling "lots". Currently i think i've put the lowest or close to lowest per card.

Thank you.

Trade My 3 Jackie Crs 0 exp for lamar cr smiley


jst sell it in my private sale. thanks mods.

Got Mindy. Thread Closed.

Well the narcotics is the attention catcher, so naturally youd read it smiley

Kreen Cr Smokey Cr and Noodile Cr level 2 are gone

Dwain Cr 0xp 90k added to the list

5k for any selina 0xp or not

Hello i am looking for the rest of the vortex.I need Dregn,shaakarti,dagg and oflgan(i can never spell his name right.)

I have ray and some other 6k cards so i will trade or sell for the vortex. I would like a little cheaper if thats possible.

Thanks the hot jedi Mara jade!

I have all in 0xp except tomas and manfred. and 2x chiara

friday 04/03/2011

Return for a full sigmund cr cr tessa at any lvl. Interested send me PMs or post here

Buy the rescue with a small discount, please

I have found a Berserkgirl Cr already smiley so now Shawoman Cr would be the only acceptable compliment smiley

Looking to buy Rowdy for 9k if possible.

PM me please. Thanks

Trade a award cr 0 exp for 2 jackie full, or one jackie and other cards

i don't look for packs of cards, i don't look for uppers

pm please

Have someone doing the first option. closing.

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