thursday 22/04/2010

Sold. Thanks Mods

Ill take less if you give a good offer.

Adler aqcuired and yes i did indeed mean 2 stars, thread can be closed thanks

Put the list and price here....
Thanks ! smiley

I have a 450 XP Praxie if you still want to trade

Sold the card

The trade is done with brahmaman thanks mods this can be close

wednesday 21/04/2010

Bangers:bodenpower willy fifty lennox
all stars:oyoh robb eyrton alexei
priced at around 14.8k and i want a chad bread cr which is worth 15k
can you help me out plz
ty mods

Sold for 1800...
Thanks all.

I can do Coby for 8k

Hi I'm looking for Miss Twice CR's
Al the cards I have are there to be traded.
So make a combination of cards You'd like or combine some cards with clintz.

Greets MT

Ditha has been sold

Got them all

MOD plz close

Please pn to me, because im german and i doestn look in here often smiley smiley

I'm still looking smiley

Market is 666ooo as far is i can see.

Mod close plz.

Close pls and thanks

Na Boh

To your samed price allstars, or you want to buy those all with little bit under market price! smiley

I want trade those card with some of your allstars except :

Asporov and Robb

Thanks! smiley

Post there or Private message me if you want smiley

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