saturday 08/05/2010

Close please

This auction ended yesteday 7 May?

This auction ended on 6 May.

What's the card name lol. If we're paying 600 for a lvl 1 timber than that's a rip

Lol,, me too.

I'm giving 28k clintz for smokey (don't have cards to trade)

Pm me if you have any offers

I trade in bridget

I've got a 0xp Vholt,, feel free to PM me with you offer smiley

For 300
thank you

Only 1 card.....just post it to private sale

thank you

I wanna buy a Ghumbo (U) for 10k, if you wanna sell it. Please PM me.
Thanks Mods!

I need a Hawkins(u), gonna buy it for 6k, if you have interest to sell it,PM me.
Thank mods!

I could sell you a buba 0xp for 500,

Plz close, thankz XD

285 tremorh 0 xp for marlysa smiley

Marco is only worth 5k

Got one, closed

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