friday 26/03/2010

Pls close. sori for the trouble mods smiley

No need to pm before selling to me just put them in my private sales

Boohmas are Gone.Any more offers/

Selling a malmoth for 0xp on market for 1k1, or looking to trade him for a card that worth 1k-1k2 on market
primary looking for miranda, bruce, glosh, suzie, 0xp oxen or a lennox, pls post here, i really need some cash

Close this please.

I thought i would ask this but Alec Cr is the last card i need for Rescue but i can only afford 30k clintz and i was wondering if anyone would be willing to sell him to me for that price if not that is completely ok i would completely understand and if so plz just send me the private sale with a message telling me to check but again if you dont want to i would completely understand but i would very much appreciate it

Well ive gotton 120 from u all so far.
and i see the base price are rose al little
just pm me to work out a deal

thursday 25/03/2010

Auction ended, i will contact WOLF5555 to see if he is serious about his offer.

Thanks to all.

1.1k or less please

For piotr i will take money or cards and for jay i would like striker but i don't mind as long as it is a card i dont own

Oh yeah, if you're wondering, I will most likely only trade for GHEIST and Nightmare for now. However, I would prefer flat Clintz payment.

Ummmmm....... when do i get itsmiley

He is not ferom upper but Rescue is right smiley

I would like to buy zatman for 8500 clintz. I you want to sell it to me, send me the private sall. If there many people, I took the one that have the lowest price (If you are generoussmiley). If there many people with the same price, i take the first that has been propose to me. I check the first time in 12 hours.

Both ladies are still for sale......hmmm, poor wording I guess. It makes me sound like a pimp smiley

I want Steve for 4.500 0exp. Just put him on my Private sales smiley

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