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sunday 30/05/2010


I give emeth for all the cards

Buying 100 jessicas 0xp for 100 each need 70 just put them up in private

Hey How Much Xp Do He Have 100c

I need Alec to complete my Rescue collection. Post below or what you are looking for to part with your Alec.

Close please mods. Thanks

Looking to buy an ambre for 17k.

pm for faster responce

thanks mods

Ok update I still have all cards and right now im only doing a package deal if you want vickie but if you dont then we can trade for the others from the list of staples i have. So for example if you just have kenny and you want dahalia and selma then we'll trade for just those.

Selling Chiara for 4.9k

PM me for faster results.

I do not accept trades.

Any1 else??? I want to buy them as soon as possible

FULL XP Eklore for Dalhia + 2800.

saturday 29/05/2010

7,4k a piece no thanks.

Will sell for 57,500
PM me if you want it smiley

I want as many as u have


I have a Jackie do you have any Nightmares or Gheist that you can trade?
Pm me if you want to compromise

I have vickie

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