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monday 03/01/2011

Hey! i need fuzz smiley

i want to pay for him 2100 clintz =)

able to negotiations!

ty mod!

smileyits under market price now coz i raised his price buying 136 of him

Close the thread, thanks mods

Naw I was just upset cause he got mad that I wouldn't take his 6 hermans.
For a Caelus. As for Caelus he is the king of Skeelz. Staple DM or Survivor in a half skeelz deck. You ever use him with Kolos and Dregn AND AMBER and Nistarok and Dudley and Dieter? Lets just say........EXTERMINATE!!!!!
Truth is Caelus is Banned for a reason.
The new Montana card will be too.

Uhhh ur off by about 55K there buddy...


sunday 02/01/2011

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Yeah dregn that seems to be a little bit of an absurd price.the entirety of the skeelz clan is worth less than 100k, and your offer is missing cards worth a total of 50k and you're asking 85k for it? seems a little absurd to me. and sorry acmwin but i managed to work something else out so i no longer need skeelz. mods please close. thanks smiley

Sorry I forgot to add that deal(s) are not negotiable. Pick one of the mentioned offers or don't offer at all.
I'm sorry for inconvinience and for wasting your time Al3x and Dalek

I'm looking for Yayoi, Louise, wanda, emma, and gwen from pussycats
What i have is: Aktara andsom Cyan deadeye ector gran vista greesh hawkins noel kristin pesth rhed sliman sting talijon corrina globumm halley jautya ludwig nata oryon nimestiec skrumxxt phonos slopsh sol hona uranus

Im done with UR so instead of deleting the account Im giving back to the players. Im selling all my cards for 100 but to avoid having all high level players snipe the deals I want to give back to the younger ones. Send me a PM with the card you want and I will sell it to you for 100 if I have it. This sint a scam or a spam thing, just send me a PM with the card you want thats all. the lower the level you are the more importance you have on my list to sell.

Since I change it to Tomas 0xp of the Skeelz into lots of some letters preferably but also there is accepted an alone letter of similar price. The lots in that mas I am interested are for example:

-Fang Pi Clan: Lost Hog and Sung Tsu.
-Uppers: Nellie, Tyler, Oxen and Wayne Stark.
- La Junta: Dacote, Uxoh, Tank, Arctic fox, Masamu and Chiro.
-Nightmare: Nistarok, Vince and Estalt.
-Vortex: C Blade, Sunder, Drorb, Kobalth, Lovhak and Neloe.

He will agree clearly there is the offer that mas I like, (podeis to improve even the lots adding some letter more, but this that they are are intact).

Moderators. Agree Please, thank you!!
Speak to me for private message.

I'll trade my Havok for Heegrn

Noodile = 8k = 1.7 Herman / I offer 2 of him for each Noodile.

Smokey = 23k = 5.1 Herman / I offer 6 of him.
Selma = 11k = 2.4 Herman / I offer 2 of him + 2k Clintz.

I've got Tessa Cr 0exp. 375K smiley

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