thursday 25/03/2010

Bying a Level 1 Hawkins for 7500

wednesday 24/03/2010

What? I think you read what I said wrong, I'm not trading Niva thormund and emeth, i was just making an example.

Tamy x 40 full exp.. i trade the whole lot for jackie..
thx modssmiley

I Want To Trade YOUR Miss Twice Cr for 35k And A Full Jackie. Please Contact Me Through PM for faster responses.

I`m buying Alec Cr for 31.000 Clintzsmiley

I am selling 12 Thormund 0 exp.I want a Jackie or as the price levels at the time.PM me or post here.Only mod trade.Thanks

I am looking to trade my Piotr for Veenyle + Tremorh.


Why dont you keep him an try him out before selling him you might like him you never nowsmiley

Thread closed, selling pfulls are not allowed here.

Looking to buy Blaastar for around 8K,
Please kind souls? smiley

Okay the trade is still up any takers

I would buy Blaaster for 10,000 Clintz

tuesday 23/03/2010

Ok, 15 Boris any levels please? smiley

Will buy any candy jack that isn't fully leveled for 250 clints each

Must not be fully leveled*

Just put them in my private sales and thank you smiley

My gaia 2* + 400 clintz for your jessie

I give you ml for 25000 c

I write here ...-
My 21 Randy´s for your Jay !! or Manfred Greem Uranus Zeke
post offers thanks

I am willing to buy a tanaereva for 32k. i know this is slightly lower then current price but atleast you know that it will be bought this way and 5% of clints wont be taken away from you. if you dont feeling like selling a taneareva pease reframe from posting your personal opinions. pm me for fastest response. i am willing to negotiate.

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