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sunday 30/05/2010

Selling Chiara for 4.9k

PM me for faster results.

I do not accept trades.

Any1 else??? I want to buy them as soon as possible

FULL XP Eklore for Dalhia + 2800.

saturday 29/05/2010

7,4k a piece no thanks.

Will sell for 57,500
PM me if you want it smiley

I want as many as u have


I have a Jackie do you have any Nightmares or Gheist that you can trade?
Pm me if you want to compromise

I have vickie

Trade kolos for tanerava

...I'm not being that mean, it's just i wanted to point out this probably wont get much publicity...

Private message me for faster response so we can make a trade or so i can make sale

Pm for offers please im closing this thread and making a new one with more offers

Close please

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