wednesday 05/05/2010

I trade bloodh for a banger and some money if u have a good banger if not nvm


Buying Andsom for half of it price? smiley

What do you want for smokey cr

Close fail xD

Player is sanctioned for attempted scam i.e. "this post"
you do not have a Guru Cr

this goes to show that scamming is not and will not ever be tolerated here

thread closed

I exchange my Vickie Cr for Kerozinn Cr
contact me in private smiley

Closed. thanks Unforgiven smiley

Ill trade my vickie cr jackie zatman and mona for your lamar cr i also have burt colin 2 glenn jeeves jonas mickey t nellie oxen rubie samantha sydney wendel zlatar filomena milovan ottavia sharon spiaghi bloodh gran vista hawkins tula tyd ulrich askai nyema pegh scopica arno noodile vansaar luba amiral py cr and terry cr to trade so we can negotiate a deal

Got it thx
close it plz

Close this i was bought

I want it with 0 xp
and I can go as high as 2k, send me messages or post here

Time's up! chiefjewrow wins!

Tradin my vickie cr jackie zatman and mona for your lamar cr

Pick the following trades

Striker + 2k Clintz for Kenny
Striker for Coby
Striker for Glorg
Striker for Angie
Striker for Graksmxxt

or you can make your own offer! Make it reasonable PMs only please.
Note: Can combine with other cards to make the trade.

tuesday 04/05/2010

So when does this finish?? I have exam s so I might not be able to get online for the next 2 days.smiley

I will buy the rest just put em i n my private sales

I accept these cards-
Crs-vickie cr,lamar cr,tessa cr,smokey cr.
Non Crs-Jackie or oshitsune.
PM for faster responsesmiley

Looking to trade my ambre and tanaravea for multiples of chiara and maybe some aylen or tomas but i mainly want chiara's. pm me or whatever

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