wednesday 24/03/2010

Thread closed, selling pfulls are not allowed here.

Looking to buy Blaastar for around 8K,
Please kind souls? smiley

Okay the trade is still up any takers

I would buy Blaaster for 10,000 Clintz

tuesday 23/03/2010

Ok, 15 Boris any levels please? smiley

Will buy any candy jack that isn't fully leveled for 250 clints each

Must not be fully leveled*

Just put them in my private sales and thank you smiley

My gaia 2* + 400 clintz for your jessie

I give you ml for 25000 c

I write here ...-
My 21 Randy´s for your Jay !! or Manfred Greem Uranus Zeke
post offers thanks

I am willing to buy a tanaereva for 32k. i know this is slightly lower then current price but atleast you know that it will be bought this way and 5% of clints wont be taken away from you. if you dont feeling like selling a taneareva pease reframe from posting your personal opinions. pm me for fastest response. i am willing to negotiate.

Need Hawkins Noel like 50pcs 0xp

100 each send it right away ill post how many Noels i still need

Page is 0exp, oh nvm, I've sold graxx for 10k already, close this please.
P.S. Still have Page if anyone is interested

Pls close. dont want 2 sell her anymore smiley thanks again

Congratz Shareholder! He wins the Oshitsune with his bid of Gertrud, Miss Chloe, and Gaia!


Coming up next! Praxie in a different auct!

9100 clintz!

I'm willing to bu below market price PM

Hi, everyone! I am searching for Lamar Cr. Here is my offer:

Ongh+Sylth+Niva+Kreen+Chill+ Bragh+Lin Xia+Toro+Dalhia+Taljion+Glorg+Kerry.

Interested, PM MEsmiley

You may close the topic, mod!

Tanaereva costs more than Morphun now.

PM me for offers, looking to pay ~95-100% of market price, so we both win. (Due to Kate taking 5% of your sale)

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