monday 22/03/2010

Contre Alec + Seldnor

I traded it close this please.

I give my coby 0xp plus 1200 clintz for a yayoi, I don't care about the xp

sunday 21/03/2010

I am looking to buy a 0xp Tessa Cr I will pay 156,000 Clintz

Ya we did that trade

Buying Ambre for 20k. Any level is fine.
PM me if interested.

No one selling bulks of these 2 cards?

Please, make only pertinent offer please smiley
Pm me to deal with the price smiley
Thanks MOD

Trade complete! Please close.

Close this plz

I am looking for a Lamar Cr

I am looking for either straight clintz offers or trades.

Clans I own:
Bangers minus Sum Sam Cr
Freaks minus Splata Cr, Diyo Cr & Geuner Cr
GHIEST minus Miss Twice Cr, Sigmund Cr & Selsya Cr
Junkz minus DJ Korr Cr & Berserkgirl Cr
La Junta minus General Cr & Flavio Cr
Montana minus Lyse Teria Cr
Nightmare minus Ambrose Cr, Ombre Cr, Dwain Cr & Thaumaturge Cr
Sentinel minus Dragan Cr, Tessa Cr, Swidz Cr, Melissa Cr & Skullface Cr
Uppers minus Armanda Cr & Jim Cr

Will accept any combination of clintz, card and clintz/card

As the title says my milovan 0xp for your beetenka any xp.

Both Graksmxxt and Coby are both level 2 not maxxed out!! Pm me if you are interested. EIther card can be maxxed or 0xp doesn't matter to me. thx

Beetenka for lennox?

Sorry wrong forum close this please.

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