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saturday 29/05/2010

Pm for offers please im closing this thread and making a new one with more offers

Close please

Just an easy regular trade not asking for any extras

Looking to buy multiple 0xp janice for around 2k +/- 200clintz

friday 28/05/2010

Please close this thankyou

Those prices seem high. I need the smokey but tana +4k ? should it not be smokey +7k for tana? Based on market averages over the past month or so that seems like a fairer trade. Lmk if you will budge otherwise goodluck

PLz close this

Your sell by private sale me your full kerozinn and I'll sell you mine 0exp for 10k

Hi I'm trading my Dragan CR.

for 380.000 Clintz that's a bit under market price!
Pm me with your offers

My Morphun 0xp for your Lvl5 smiley

I have every card youre looking for, except ongh, zero and slyth.
if youre intrested pls pm me.

Mod please close..

Sorry, I'm looking for the more expensive cards like Marina, Coby, Shayna, or a combination of the cheaper ones (i.e. Buck and Lulabee). I'd also be willing to add some clintz for cards like Hikiyousan, Copper and Wee Lee. Please again no bulk of a cheap card or a lot of cheap cards because i have most of those.

Please close this is a dead thread.

thursday 27/05/2010

I understand the price on the market that is why i say we will trade for lots. if you have a 50 lot of wanda we can trade for crs but at moment i am only looking for few of them like many 10 of each. thank you for your opinon. i am not a noob thank you

I offer 95,000 for Vickie Cr. PM me if interested.

Thx jdevil but the post is closed... i have already found Elya smiley

I have a spare but you are way too low

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