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thursday 27/05/2010

Please close this mods

How about kolos?

Hi I'm up to trade my Tessa CR 2**

I'm looking for Other CR's wich are in same price range or a bit more than 210.000 ( wich she's worth at this moment. I got 290.000 clintz in cash so a CR worth around 450.000 is possible!

PM me with your offers.
Greets MT, And thanks mods smiley

Tell the price you want to buy it : only with Clintz.

I sell it for 75.000-74500 or i trade it for card/s of the same price,trade will make by a moderator,if you are interested
or you want informations send me a mp,thanks modsmiley

Close thread please

I'll trade you Owen (full) with 10% on top

Should equal 1x Owen (0xp) and 100 clintz.

Why thank you so much! smiley
Trish is off of the list!

Buying Tremorhs for 2.1k clintz, just private them to me and ill purchase them.

Kinda strapped for clintz so im puttin charlie out there. Will trade for Jay, and if any one wants to Ill throw 3k in the deal for Kenny. I open for other offers, though i would prefer to take as small a hit as possible. PM for quick response

Any doubles or the whole clan im looking for a decent price pm me or post here

I have wendy 4500 will u do it

Btw forgot to tell.... close this subject pls.. i'm done trading

The prices could be higher.

Close it plz, mods smiley

Selling Sung Tsu from the fang pi clang for 1535 or trade for something good offer ends 48hours from now

wednesday 26/05/2010

I have Jonas, Muze, Veronica, and Wilhem. pm me with offer for faster response

I have a Smokey Cr, level 3, and want a Kolos. PM me if you're interested.

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