tuesday 13/04/2010

Close please

I already sell skullface cr you can close the post

Nvm i sold her on the market smiley

I still need Nahi Cr. Since few days price for Nahi Cr in Market is going extremly up. So feel free to make me offer (via PM). I accept also exchange for cards.

What i want is a lot of chiaras for smokey smiley

Any offers ?

I have 19 skeels to trade

Lot5 1700

I've got Caelus now. Still looking for Smokey Cr though.

Here is the best offer I've received so far:

80k cash + Anibal, Pegh, Tremorh, Gatline and Jessie, all 5 at 0xp.

If you can beat it then please either post it here or pm it. Thx!!! smiley

Price is now 29k, onyl 10% less than market price but I buy right away.. Please... :[

As i sayed before :

stanly x93 trade for only cr or sell for ( 1.1k )

Remember @ Pm @ .

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In the end, I actually got her to sell at market price for 12.9k to somehow, so I was happy. smiley

Thanks for allowing this thread.

Close subject

C'mon, mind telling me why it's a rip off? it's actually quite good a deal

O o i am. but not for 18k pm me well talk

Thanks, Guys! I got one offer of Vickie Cr for my Tanaereva + 28k.

You can close, Mods!

These card prices will be lowered in a new auction please close the subject mods

Thanks cynic
btw i dont think he's gonna go cr i just need him for survivor

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