friday 14/05/2010

Cannot aution for 3 weeks due to pressure of any cards im selling might be worth while

M exermly srry for this but my brother wants to buy some of my cards for his Ulta Walta Clan....So EXTRELY SORRY

I will trade for Rescue Cards

Srry you can close it now tho

Ill buy the 2 wayne stark for 900

Also plz pm hollywood6 because he hasnt replied to my 7 pm's

Ok made my trade so good bye everyone!

thanks again to the mods

closing subject

thursday 13/05/2010

This auction ended 10 May. Illgy, please see to it that the highest bidders get their cards smiley


380 for malia ?

Close this please

Man Pm me i trade all ur cards

This auction is officially CLOSED!

I will trade my gil and wee lee for ongh pm if your interested

Im buying sol hona.

at a price ranging from free-380 clintz. thanks. smiley

just put it in my private sale.

thanks mods. smiley

Buy Jane Ramba
5.9k + Dayton

4.5k 400 Clintz off market Price PM me if interested.
Thnx mods.

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