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tuesday 25/05/2010

Kenny 11 000 please

Is he 0exp or full?

Thank you Artemis-EVO

can be close now smiley

Offer 16000 clinz+Erklore..its like 4k less than market value,but im broke smiley

Any one interested pm me smiley

Hello people, I buy caelus for 15 k , who are interested contact me in private

thank mod smiley

Anyone i really need him.

@howimetyourmum Why not take the offer of Kolos, and sell him on the market. Then your will get clintz to buy rescue cards

They are not going up in price. They are actually going down in price because of the ELO ban! Striker Marina and Robb are worth 18,600 altogether. This thread is meant to rip off newer players.

Why post on threads that are almost 1 year old?

Burning Flesh and others.... have you seen the date of this thread? smiley

I'll take it for 21.5k

No ty i already got the cards

I'm looking for a 2 star laJunta low price besides dean, and winston i have 1500 clintz soo.... yeah

Really want her i have alot of bangers like lots

Already found smiley

monday 24/05/2010

I have these cards for sale all full xp:
Hattori = 4k
Kati= 800
Kerozinn cr = open to offers, preferable clintz, other crs like vickie cr, or cards over 10k

PM for fastest response and please no foolish offers

Ghumbo 16k
Oshitsune 8k
Pan 2.7k

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