friday 19/03/2010

Close plz

Close this thread please mods.

> I need Plenty of Muze, at a price range of 1100, either 0xp or full xp

> Put in my private sales, if u are interested

> Tnx Mods. for posting!!!!

Anyone interested?

@Bojax: Mentioning private offers in auction threads is against the rules, this is an important protection for buyers/bidders. Otherwise, sellers could just say "I got a message saying X" and drive up prices artificially, as appears to have happened here with -Legasee. If you don't want to sell below a certain price, you set a reserve. That's YOUR protection.

Mods should close this and allow the auction to be re-initiated, w/o external bids being referenced. As long as we fail to have clean auctions here, they're going to remain unpopular. That's bad for all anglophones smiley

Tanavera and kolos are now gone and I have accquired miss twice CR

I put these post up 3 weeks ago. I dont have any of them anymore

So myelted u want it for 3200?

Got chiara

thursday 18/03/2010

I forget the title.
Sorry, close.

Massiv for 650 clintz
Chwing for 550

Both worth about 10k clintz. PM me to trade

Are you looking for acid dc and flyer

answer on private message please

Which means nothing stupid like 9 muze for 15k... or 50k

Im trading my Rowdy 0exp for Blaaster at any level

thanks smiley

2x Tank
2x Andsom
2x Sol Hona

Starting Price is 13000
Reserve is 16000
Price Increase is 100

I offer Ghumbo, Marco, Buck and Tomas for Smokey Cr.

Also Trading my Cassio Full + Compensation for Cassio Cr 0Xp.

On Last Post i meant 'Compensation' Not Compliment lol

Haze is worth 10k now when the next new cards come out she'll drop to 4-5k ish. no one will trade you.

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