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tuesday 25/05/2010

Really want her i have alot of bangers like lots

Already found smiley

monday 24/05/2010

I have these cards for sale all full xp:
Hattori = 4k
Kati= 800
Kerozinn cr = open to offers, preferable clintz, other crs like vickie cr, or cards over 10k

PM for fastest response and please no foolish offers

Ghumbo 16k
Oshitsune 8k
Pan 2.7k

Card Sold every1 to Commoner-LoA smiley

My marlysa cr full + 2 chiara 0 xp for a marlysa 0xp smiley

I'm serious.. no stupid offers please.. and i'm desperate to get all of those cards..

Need at least 7500 but i could be pesuade but no trade

Looking to buy/trade for a Dragan Cr
must be under market price,
Please pm me

Thanks Mods

Close this please. thanks mods

How much for your lamar Cr??

I have one and its 0exp ill be on later today

Thank you mods... please close iy now

Alot cheap on marketsmiley

I want to trade my olga 0xp for a rubie at any level or trade for jessie+ amount of clintz needed to reach market price, PM me

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