thursday 29/04/2010

Pm me for details

Sorry mods for accidentally posting it once

Forgot to close this close plz (3/15 @_@)

Give me your Marlysa Cr ):

wednesday 28/04/2010

Buying Ghumbo for 10k

Other offers?
KingdomHearts I accept you offer

Hey I want to have Gil and Rowdy. I can offer you Caelus or perhaps some other GHEIST , Skeelz or Ulu Watu cards.

I'll buy Ghumbo (U) for 10k

That works out to be twice thier market price or thiere abouts

I'll sell kolos for 24.5k

tuesday 27/04/2010

Thank you bro

110 per one
thats all smiley Pm me we do a dael

I meant PM me for interests plz smiley

This auction is not correct. A first one has been made here :

End of this auction.

Please make a new thread, using the correct format smiley

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