wednesday 17/03/2010

I buy elixir

I am willing to give kolos for zatman and ditha


@Hope : He wants 1 Smokey Cr + 3 Amiral Py Cr For His Alec Cr

Close please i got it!

I will trade my aktara for one of your gheistsmiley

Haha Ainsley Hope is a he. In England its a guys name.

Thanks for the PM, hopefully we can sort something out

As title says:

My Lao Cr 0xp + Vickie Cr* for Marlysa Cr?

I am open to negotiations.

*I can probably switch out Vickie Cr for Kerozinn Cr, but I am a bit reluctant on doing so.

Hey all, im looking to trade my Dragan Cr 0xp for one of the three packages listed smiley

#1) 16 Caelus 0xp (or 17 Caelus Full)
#2) 15 Jackie 0xp (or 16 Jackie Full)
#3) 3 Vickie Cr 0xp (or 3 Vickie Cr Full + Jackie)

Please send me a PM if your interested in trading, thanks smiley

> I will buy Muze for 1100 either 0xp or full xp
> Just private sale me.......
> I need many, fast!!!!!!

32001 highest bid...ill PM u and put the cards in your private sales.

I ment to put on the 1st offer that the lamar cr has to be 0xp

I want 1 lamar full

I will give 80k plus morpun for him

pm and post

By that do you meen i trade oshitsune and someone else

Im giving 6 cards for either burger, bryan , gatline or card.

These are the cards im trading or selling for the bunch-----endo, allison, yusuke, leo, zoltan, mitch, simon, winifred, timber, mojo, candy jack, and ice jim.

Id like to buy a full exp for 15,5k

tuesday 16/03/2010

I sold the card

who i must inform to close the topic?

Close this please all adlers have been traded


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