tuesday 16/03/2010

Got all my La Junta needs. Please close mods.

Wow....one of the few fair offers i've actually seen on the entire marketplace. If i stumble upon either, you'll be the first person i talk to (getting a couple packs today...)

I know you wanna sell but would you trade a pam for one of my 0xp caciopes?

How about i buy ur ambre for 19k

Trading my jackie for nightmare clan's card of equal value

Hello, I would like to trade my Jungos and my Montanas for Fang Pi Clang of equil value. I only need 8 cards but you may be getting more than that from me in return.

I have:
Jungo: Total Clintz = 10,628 Clintz
Adler (698c), Askai(1500c), Boohma(300), Borss(297c), Buba(360c), Nyema(2300c), Pegh(2000c), Psylo(1333c), Radek(540c), and Scopica(3100c).

Montana: Total Clintz = 4,523
Don(1200c), Flesh Pimp(465c), Murphy(920c), Oscar(680c), Simon(118c), and Spiaghi(1140c).

I would like:

Fang Pi Clang: Total Clintz = 15,650 Clintz
Kati(709c), Unagi(790c), Linda(2000c), Lost Hog(2370c), Kinjo(2673c), Kuei(3100c), Fei(2700c), and Sung Tsu(1450c)

PM me if you have any of the cards I would like, or better Fang cards.

Ill give you 370K for Lao Cr


I'm just starting out and would like to build a rescue deck. Can anyone sell me 8 rescue cards for like 1600 clintz?

Much Appreciated! smiley

My rowdy to your buck+shayna


monday 15/03/2010

I will give u gatline for terry

I've sold both.Please mods close it

Private sale me one for 600 please

FIF is not bidding. Just putting in his/her 2 cents. smileysmileysmileysmileysmiley

I will trade my willy [2*] for you're willy [5*]

I am looking to trade my selma mayhem and aktara for bloodh
PM me thnkssmileysmileysmiley

Please close.
trade complete!

I offer Ghumbo, Marco, Buck, No Nam, and Tomas for Smokey Cr.

99zatman 0xp + 1024 terry cr

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