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saturday 22/05/2010

How much for piotr and praxie?

That is same as market

I will buy peeler for 4000 if eny of you would like to sell it to me. Please pm me.

Hello people , I buy this nightmare

azgroth: 6,8-6,9 k
glorg : 8,5 k
nistarok : 2,5 k

thank mod smiley

Jus put wat you would trade
or how much clintz you would give

Looking to buy lots of ditha if you need quickcash sell me all i will buy looking for huge amounts will buy at 1800 a piece plz contact me if you want to negotiate

0xp smokey Trade for bloodh, dalhia,selma,petsh and lets say 5k clintz...

Try 9k ?

I will sell you graksmxxt 9k

U can get gak from me for 8.9k

I can add other cards later if i see a good deal

WTB a Haze for about 1900-2000 clintz.

Thanks guys.

@NVMs Princess: sorry. your bids are out of time.


Lot #1: 7100 by NvM
Lot #2: 76000 by NvM
Lot #3: 4300 by flipstah
Lot #4: 81000 by Harley__Quinn
Lot #5: 17000 by Oneonone
Lot #6: 22000 by Harley__Quinn

Will put the cards in best bidders' private sales and contact them.

Thank you everybody!

Cards received

mods please close

thank you

friday 21/05/2010

I would trade with you but say the price of 900 a piece. i have a few oshitsune we could trade for them

I would like to buy Ongh, pm me with your prices

As the title, I have to trade 82 dalhia, some 0 xp and some full, I want to trade them for jay 0 xp (or jay full + 1000 clintz)
I propose:
MY dalhia full for your jay 0 xp
MY dalhia 0 xp for your jay 0 xp + 300 clintz
Thx moderators!

Miranda (U) (U) 827
Dayton (C) 777

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