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thursday 10/02/2011

Please close subject!

thanks moderators smiley

I am looking to trade selma dalhia hawkins bloodh andsom ulrich and scubb for Swidz cr. pm me with offers.
ps. I have most of the other pirahnas if this is not enough.

Thanks, Thurstkiller

2 striker and karen for my dagg
pm me for faster response

I no longer have the 150 Ricardo 0Xp i made a trade with UMA-Fader

My 150 Ricardo 0Xp for his Caelus 0Xp + Herman 0Xp.

Thank you. If someone has a Graksmxxt message me i have a bit more bulks/lots.

wednesday 09/02/2011

Contact me for pm

Looking to buy a full scarlett cr for 1.7m clintz (thats 1.615m after deductions from kate). Anyone interested in selling her to me should private message me. Thanks in advance.


I want to buy vickie cr and i presently have 101 583 clints.. I would like to sell my tan man at 95 000 which is 1-2k less then market..Message me, its faster

thanks mods

Hello i want to trade my rass cr for your lots of serena
i want 150 serena 's i'll add more to rass cr eg. rass cr + vickie cr 0xp ect. more can be added if you want

if you have lots of serena please PM me
Thank you mods


A very valid point. Thank you for the suggestion, mate. I'll give it a go. ;-]


How many clans would you offer for a rass cr ?

I wanna trade my 0exp Tsubame for Striker and Marina. ill pay any difference in clintz if i need to. pm me for a faster response.

thanks Mods smiley)

I have only 6,573 c. does anyone like to sell a Hatoori on this price smiley ?

Still looking for a deal for my piranas

I am looking for a Graff and will trade my Fifty and another card worth 300 clints to even the price (I will give you some options). PM me with offers

Buying Kerozinn Cr for 150k clintz. Price is negotiable.

tuesday 08/02/2011

Sorry new to this thng smiley will remember next time

Cristal clear, looking for a fair and quick exchange

Thanks to the Mods for posting this.

I gave him his starting price to kick it off...
message 6..

I got cley
and deebler, so ill trade

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