tuesday 16/03/2010


I'm just starting out and would like to build a rescue deck. Can anyone sell me 8 rescue cards for like 1600 clintz?

Much Appreciated! smiley

My rowdy to your buck+shayna


monday 15/03/2010

I will give u gatline for terry

I've sold both.Please mods close it

Private sale me one for 600 please

FIF is not bidding. Just putting in his/her 2 cents. smileysmileysmileysmileysmiley

I will trade my willy [2*] for you're willy [5*]

I am looking to trade my selma mayhem and aktara for bloodh
PM me thnkssmileysmileysmiley

Please close.
trade complete!

I offer Ghumbo, Marco, Buck, No Nam, and Tomas for Smokey Cr.

99zatman 0xp + 1024 terry cr

I have for sell 100 sledgs
im looking for:
clintz, smokey cr , caelus,tanaereva,tremohrs,muzes,avolas,miss twice cr ...

Buying bulk wesley 80 clints each setup sale, thanks.

Still looking for these cards, please post here any/or PM me with your offers!
I've got plenty of clintz and cards to offer, so I'm open to most offers smiley

Please close thread.

thanks admin.

Please close mods

thx phaige for trading

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