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sunday 13/02/2011

Just to make it a little more clear since i got a few messgaes which miss under stood me
Im looking for a Tanaereva Cr
and im tradeing
8 Noodile Cr
1 Caelus
to get him

Guys this thread is ancient! Hidration smiley

Would pay more if you are selling more than 10 cards

Ector = 240
Puff = 180

490 x Veccio = 850 a piece
476 x Nimestiec = 300 a piece

Also accepting CR offers for packs of Veccio or Nimestiec
For all offers pm me.

Thanks to the mods.


I would like to trade MY Kerozinn cr + 10k for YOUR vickie cr!

Please PM me as i might not check this thread


Looking to buy lots of Alec Cr and Swidz Cr

I am offering 65k each for Alec Cr, 46k each for Swidz Cr and will take as many as i can get

Please respond here, pm me or place straight into my private sales

Thankyou mods

saturday 12/02/2011

Looking to buy ector burdock and tsumbe, preferably at 0xp
Ector 180 per
Burdock 600 per
Tsumbe 13k per
also have Caelus, Alec Cr and Charlie to trade.
either pm me or put in my PS. if you want to negotiate price PM me.

Thanks you sexy mods

5 charlie, 4 graks...would like to sell all at one time...this price would be 252k

Just go ahead and place them in my private sales smiley

Done =) it was fast!!!
May be closed ty

Got him. please close this thread

thanks mods

I trade my splata cr vs your vickie cr + 60000 pm if you are interested

I'm looking for Tessa Cr + 100k in Crs or Cards

Price is negotiable

Thanks Mods

Up Please.....as I am still entertaining offers smiley

I got a seldnor cr and kerozinn I would like to sell both around 240k but will trade for a kolos, A'award cr and reine cr if you would like to make some type of deal PM me thank you

Too bad smiley

1 smokey for 1 graks?

Yes he must
He is currently very expensive good luck

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