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friday 11/02/2011

You currently dont have Vansaar or Timber

You guys hear goob help me out!!smiley

No one has a splata that they are willing to trade?

thursday 10/02/2011

I am looking to buy Ongh for a price around 16.500clintz

Close smiley

Already purchased, close please mods smiley

Selling Shaakarti for 20,200 Level 2

2 amiral py cr 0xp

Please close subject!

thanks moderators smiley

I am looking to trade selma dalhia hawkins bloodh andsom ulrich and scubb for Swidz cr. pm me with offers.
ps. I have most of the other pirahnas if this is not enough.

Thanks, Thurstkiller

2 striker and karen for my dagg
pm me for faster response

I no longer have the 150 Ricardo 0Xp i made a trade with UMA-Fader

My 150 Ricardo 0Xp for his Caelus 0Xp + Herman 0Xp.

Thank you. If someone has a Graksmxxt message me i have a bit more bulks/lots.

wednesday 09/02/2011

Contact me for pm

Looking to buy a full scarlett cr for 1.7m clintz (thats 1.615m after deductions from kate). Anyone interested in selling her to me should private message me. Thanks in advance.


I want to buy vickie cr and i presently have 101 583 clints.. I would like to sell my tan man at 95 000 which is 1-2k less then market..Message me, its faster

thanks mods

Hello i want to trade my rass cr for your lots of serena
i want 150 serena 's i'll add more to rass cr eg. rass cr + vickie cr 0xp ect. more can be added if you want

if you have lots of serena please PM me
Thank you mods


A very valid point. Thank you for the suggestion, mate. I'll give it a go. ;-]


How many clans would you offer for a rass cr ?

I wanna trade my 0exp Tsubame for Striker and Marina. ill pay any difference in clintz if i need to. pm me for a faster response.

thanks Mods smiley)

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