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saturday 05/02/2011

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Mods Please Close. Thx

I have Smokey Cr and Selma....

I like that he said "I DON'T CARE WHAT NONE OF YOU HAVE TO SAY." but we got on his nerve for what we said. Geniussmiley Oh, and I ended up putting the people above me on my friend listsmiley

I would like to sell some cards of market value....

2x Serena (Lvl4 and Lvl5) 5.3k each
2x Lin Xia (Lvl3 and Lvl5) 9.8k each
1x Petra (Lvl4) 3.2k

Post here or PM me if interested.
Thanks Modssmiley

I'm trading one Jackie full for Jackie 0XP.

I'll add in 3.5k as a compliment.

thank you

Hey I have full clans,( minus the Crs) up for trade for Crs from Alec and older. The only exception is the Nightmare clan. PM me for faster response

Yeah, good luck. at least the 4 and 5 keys are near one another. you might get lucky having somen press 45k instead of 55k.

friday 04/02/2011

Best offer: 16 Herman

I buy Vickie Cr (don't matter how much xp) for 180k,
pm if you are interesstedsmiley

I m trading my My Dragan Cr 0exp for Dragan Cr Full + complement smileysmiley

I am looking to trade 9 oshitsune for 5 noodile crs or sell em for 40k

Dam it i just traded her off a few days ago
but good luck korn this is a pretty darn good deal ! smiley

Ok... let's try this route... I'm looking to trade entire Vortex for equal value CRs... preferably tan man... but pm me any offers.

thursday 03/02/2011

Still , Looking smiley

You interested in complete clans or do they fall under the less than 100k category?

Im pricign him at around 95k . I want crs totaling up to this amount or other good-non cr's. Im willing to negotiate through pm.

Purchasedsmiley close please

Selling 50 Vansaars 190ea

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