friday 05/07

Looking for Cannibal jo, Dj Korr and Lysa Teira

I rate them all 11M

Bought now smiley closed

thursday 04/07

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What crs and mts?

wednesday 03/07

Im lookin for general cr any xp (15m)
I propose
2 Bmappe 0xp (7m each)
1 M in cash

Pm me if intérested


#Lyse Teria would be preferred, but I'll take any reasonable offer.

9 Marshal Cr 470k/t
10 Maximus 400k/t
15 Leviatonn 95k/t
9 Pr Balthazar 110k/t
165 El Magnifico 55k/t
50 Zlabal 40k/t
29 Consuelo 20k/t
16 Omega Dregn 27k/t
10 Glorg 30k/t

Up, adding 2 Behemoth (460k *2 = 920k) making the total closer to 21.5m since Kiki Cr seemed to stabilize at 11m

I want to Trade my Volcan plus 4.5 m clintz for dj korr or lyse

ISO 100 000 + worth of 5* PFulls. If you have a lot too big for this, I can offer a few cheap Crs.

tuesday 02/07

Well as title shows i have a 0xp atkinson that im hoping to trade for a 0xp cooper cr, a 0xp emeth cr, a 0 xp rowdy cr, and either clintz or something else.

Kiki cr 0xp = 11M

Looking for:
Dj korr cr = 11.4M

I trade a copy of Sum Sam Cr 0xp 6.6kk and one of ImperaSloane Cr 0xp 390k for one #m bappe cr 0xp 6.9kk

I can also accept a 2 star or a full version of her

As the title suggests I'm looking for Xantiax Robb Cr any xp. At the time of this post his lowest market value it 2.7m.
I'm offering:
Atkinson 0xp (1.1m)
No Love 0xp (1m)
Crook 0xp (600k)

I have other cards to offer instead of these but for the meantime these are what I have to offer.

Good morning!
I would trade my Lyse Teria Cr 0xp for Lyse Teria Cr full exp + 200k cash
Your old smelly one against my maidenly new one
Thanks smileysmiley

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