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tuesday 08/09/2009

Close please, thank yousmiley

I'll do it. So Mark+100 clintz for my lea

This is pretty messed up and changing an auction date the day before it's supposed to end isn't very good, people may bid higher because they know it's gonna end soon and now you have just defeated that purpose as well as adding a minimum.

next time you do an autction please make sure you have everything set and are willing to stick to everything that was stated in the beginning

thread closed

monday 07/09/2009

Ill trade alec cr for beltran cr

smiley just wait and have Splata cr on market for 115k smiley

Close please

1.000.000 Clintz pm me

Close this please

Hello i trade my vickie cr full against 7 ongh ( if possible 0 xp )
ongh = 15 000 * 7 = 105 000
and vickie cr = 105 000


Its less than 600k on market soo u gotta lower ti nd i might be interested

I have jay and tomas will that cover itsmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmiley

smileyhow much does the random card has to worth

Hey can somebody trade me or sell me KOLOS (on a lower price if you sell)

Pm me for faster response

Just bought them close please

Still buying these guys smiley

i will buy them seperately.

I will trade my alec cr with 7500 for a jim cr

I will also take cheaper cr's

but then i will charge 400K

As long as i have the alec and u have the rest

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