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saturday 05/09/2009


Could someone sell me a Marina for half price?

PLease close this mods

Please close

Mods I Got The Dorian Plz Close It

friday 04/09/2009


I still am looking for a redra

Close this please smiley

Just saw one for 13,000 so I'd like to buy one for that price smiley

I just wanna see if anyone wants to trade there Oxen, Nellie, and Wendel 0xp for my Oxen, Nellie and Wendel Maxxed? Pm me or leave amessage thanks

No problem, mods you guys can close this now smiley

I will give a Lewis for multiples of Elliot.
The minimum number of Elliots I will take is 4 as he sells as low as 85 clintz from time to time and frequently for 90 clintz. Thanks!

Got it thanks close please mods

They can close the topic mods that kiki cr does not sell , I it remain in the showcase(store window)

Thankyou pls close i purchased the card

I have don enzo mona and fabio

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