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wednesday 25/11/2009

4 Caelus for your Alec Cr?

I want to trade these for your lamar:
111 spaighis
all of them are about 122K i will also add 5K to the deal

thanks mods

Put up a few more cards man and ill give you jautya

Buyinh mona.7800 or PM offers

Looking for a vickie cr

pm me for any offers

Close mods plz thankssmiley

Ill give you 3 terrys and 3k. i really need him smiley

I don't know if you'll be able to get a Bogdan for 700, it's going for a little over 2k on the market right now.

Im buying blaaster for 9200 clintz or lower

Any offers? please i really need her!

tuesday 24/11/2009

PLease close this topic mods smiley

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Oh thanks smiley Never mind then people xD Didn't really know the price of a full collection so thanks smiley
Close please smiley

Close Got her!

I have Ghumbo (U) Kolos (R) Kenny (R) and Pan (R)

6 messages

Plz Close

Topic can be closed

Hes 10k on the market today

Searching 1 marlysa cr 0xp
2 vickie cr 0xp
2 lamar cr 0xp
2 kerozinn cr 0xp
pm me if interested
thx mods.

Close it plz sorry sixsidedman

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