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monday 23/11/2009

I want to buy a 0 exp Dorian. I am offering 6,000 clintz.

My 5 terrys for your ongh and your dhalia

Looking to get rid of my 0xp Lao Cr.
Looking to trade for a marlysa and i will add clintz, pm me to negotiate.

or looking to sell him for market price.
his current market price is 700k for 0xp

pm me or post here

Nope, actually, I already sold him my vickie cr mr. cinnamon10 smiley

(Buy)Toro And Lin Xia Cheaper Than 1k in the marken cause i only got 6k here

Buying cheap steve and kerry

Im lookin for glenn mostly. i need her 1400 or less.
im looking for jeeves. i need him 950 or less.
and any other upper that is better than jeeves for about 1400. if anyone can get me this i'll really apreciate it 0smiley

Never mind close this please

Never mind close this please

Close this. LOA we just hav 2 go threw with r trade

Thats alright cause i got a 0xp one for about 10k less than wat u wanted for it so you can go ahead and close this mods thnxsmiley

For Alec cr + the difference in clintz/cards smiley
thx mods for allowing this smiley

Im selling her for 9.7k

sunday 22/11/2009

Cards you have total value 13,100 (sound about right?)
I will trade you 4 x Phyllis (3,400) for a total value of 13,600
If you think this is fair let me know... if not let me know...

Its done can be closed ty

PA_Killday20 won the auction please close

I wish to purchase a glenn of any lvl for 1000-1400 clintz.
If anyone out there has a glenn they'll sell to me for this slightly lower price, i'll be very THANKFUL.

Selling Vickie Cr for 140k pm me if you want it

Buying 2* jeena at 700+ a piece
or trading cards for them.

I know its a bit low but I have 133k.

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