tuesday 11/08/2009

O can a mod close plz + ty

Kk got them

pls close topic mod's


Trading a Tessa CR for extra Alec Graksmxxt and Tanaevera. For instance

1 Tessa Cr for

5 Alec
1 Graksmxxt
1 Tanaevera


2 Tanaevera
4 Alec

Willing to entertain other serious offers.

Hello everybody...I'm buying 2 marcos for 20000...pm me if you want to sell to me...

I`m looking for Kenny and Morphun . So for this two cards , I give my Leviatonn ( or another card with ca 5k Clintz prize ) and Geuner Cr ( both full xp ). Please send me a message when you are interested .

So far i have 10 thanks pancho6

Hes one honest player. his honesty has shown through to me. and you can trust him, hes an xk.

I assume you mean 1.3 mil in clintz?smiley


Aw man hawkins too bad i don't have any crs

Eris has been bought still looking for the others....Also really looking for a Chad Bread Cr with 0xp on it

monday 10/08/2009

I got noemi

You posted this in the wrong subject...

Dis iz kinda a huge rip man can u go higher n ill think bout it

Ok now i have 300 clintz so anything under 300 clintz plzsmiley

How about sliman tyd cyan b ball and ashigaru

I would love to pay 18k for both of them but I dont mind listening to a few offers!

^.^ Please help me out!

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