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friday 28/08/2009

Looking to buy any 3* 0xp cards for 160. That is all smiley

I would like to trade my 2 terry's for caelus and charlie. please PM me. thanks mods!

No one ? smiley

I will give you methane

I have alec marco kerry sledge aurora hax elvira and steve

Close plz
i don't have enough clintz now
thx mods

Both for 18.5k or each for 9.25k

I have all skeelz 2x and some rescues

0 xp or full, i have both.

I can aceept marlysa cr max + 2 alec

Sorry, all sold out.

Please close, thankssmiley

0xp or Maxxed Flyer

thursday 27/08/2009

Please close

Buying all your lin bee 's
150/head ful xp
170/head 0 xp
put them in my private sales.
thank you

Haha,yup...there's no way Alec will go down...he's far too...uhh,'overpowered' if there's no SOA or SOB.

Close please i bought

I am buying Lots of Effie for 150 each please put them in my private sales and post here or private message me thanks

I am paying 230 for Tywh and 390 for Eve please put them in my private sales and post here

I am buying any amount for 310 each im also buying Asporov for 310 just send them to my private sales and also post here

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