wednesday 19/08/2009

I got 12k atm but i will save up to more got some card that i can trade too. PM me please.

Trade miss chloe lv 3 for chloe (any level)

Close cards are gone thx mod

Trade you a fei plz let me know thru pm thanks.

Particularly looking for Charlie now

13 0xp
2 lvl 2
4 maxed

i sell 0 xp for 450 lvl 2 for 445 and maxed for 440

or all together for 8600

thx mods
pm me for faster response

Wow great offers! not surprised that they're gone already

Yeah i didnt mean to put the "k"

Mod Close plz thx

Hello, i will trade my Alec 0Xp for kolos + wee lee + edd.

Pm me if interested.

Thanks Mod's

After some calculations i believe i was short on my end so i am throwing in

swidz cr

I'm trading aylen with 4.5 k just for a caelus
please i really need one

Come on peepz

Buying it for 4800 clintz

Trade zatman for copper plus 2k clintz. please sell me.

Is Aurora still available?

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