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tuesday 08/09/2009

I want to swap MY Melissa cr + 25 fuzz for YOUR tessa cr +alec cr

So the maths for people who will now say this is unfair.....
Melissa cr = 180k
Fuzz x 25 = 27k (1080 each)
Nimestiec x 100 = 10k (100 each)

= 217k


Tessa cr = 155k
Alec cr = 62k

= 217k

Fair deal smileysmiley^ ?????????

As you might not want the doubles ill allso add....
15 x askai = 9.6k
30 x lin bee = 3.3k
15 x dreen = 2.7k
and 2.4k

= 18k

thanks modz

For 16,500. If you can sell him can you put him in my private sales. Thanks smiley

My 2 Alec Cr 0XP for your Splata Cr any level

(CHANGE) Terry Cr, 5,500 clintz,4 Nimestiecs,Maamoon,Dacote,and Kharl for Jay,Chiara,Donnie,Emma,Cley,Rei,Elly Mae,Noemi,Chloe,and Lulabee 0xp

Thank you, this didnt take longsmiley

Close please. Thanks mods

You can also put Jackie up in my private sales.

Contact me with info on your skullface, selsya, and nahi

Im interested in that card. message me

Looking for 23-24k - PM me or post here... otherwise I have it on the market right now for 24040.


My Max Tessa cr + XX K (clintz) for your 0xp Tessa cr

My Max Dragan cr + XX K (Clintz) for your 0xp Dragan cr

Name your amount and i will have it smiley Pm's would be lovely smiley

Thanks Mods

What are you talking about? When I sent this Steve is at 4k and the rest equal a little over the 4k so I said I would add clintz and it's not 4k...Your math is terrible!

Ill give you dragan cr and 4 marco for 7 og them

I can trade graksmxxt for dahlia

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