tuesday 02/07

It still works. You can buy all cards with your mobile app. It doesn't work for Windows user

Kenny mt full xp - 2.5M

I'm looking for:
Blaaster Cr 1.3M
Atkinson 1.2M
#Lizbeth Cr 1M
Jackie Cr 1M

monday 01/07

Close the forum, already got one!

My Guru Cr 0XP for your Guru Cr Full XP plus 1.6 Mil

Sorry already traded.

Hi, im trading Kiki Cr 0xp for Guru Cr 0xp pm.

Trade for Rass Cr 0 xp + 1600000 clintz

post it on my private sales

sunday 30/06

Sold =)

saturday 29/06

Hi, there. I'm looking for a Volkan Cr any xp (currently 6.2M on mkt).
I offer these cards and clintz for her.

Dounia Mt full (3.5M)
Kenny Mt 0xp (1.75M)
Dregn Mt 0xp (750k)
+ 250k clintz
Total worth = 6.25M

Thank you! ^________^

Im selling characters:195

friday 28/06

Pm me if u are interested smiley

Good evening, I'm offering my Volkan Cr Full Exp (6.8M)

I'm looking for different cards, some are Rare, some Cr and some Mt:

Lamar Cr (3.9M)
#Robb Cr (400k)
Terry Cr (112k)
Vickie Cr (3.7M)
Vermaire (140k)
Smokey Mt (1.6M)
#Lizbeth Cr (900k)
Dalhia Cr (714k)
Crook (700k)
Pericles Mt (680k)
Pr Cushing Cr (650k)
GraksmxxT Mt (705k)
Sigma Cr (200k)
Uranus (195k)
Dounia Mt (3.5M)
Tanaereva Cr (2.4M)
Maximus (400k)

- I'm valuing all the cards according to their chepeast price in market, 0Exp or Full Exp
- I do not want cash, other cards or multiple copies of the same card
- I accept two or more of the cards I'm looking for as long as they reach Volkan Cr prize combined

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