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tuesday 02/02/2010

I can give you Oshitsune and 4000 clintz.

Willing to trade zatman and 24k for him, i have many other tradeable cards.

Im looking for Ongh under market price or other Jungo but mostly looking for Ongh

Selling Vickie CR, 2 Stars. 100,500 Clintz. Drop me a line. Have a couple of these. Get them before they disappear.

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I got one

[TRADE] I offer Tremorh for Uranus

I am interested in trading a Max Alec Cr for 2x Jackie 0xp
please pm me with offers.

Got Stanly

monday 01/02/2010

I have a Sigmund Cr (full) for trade.

Looking for Vickie Cr, Splata Cr, and a few others smiley

Close it down please ,

because, overnight i fell in love with Lamar Cr.

and decided he is better off going nowhere smiley

Close mods please

In fact i also accept level 4

Still looking for taham ryuichi and owen

As title says I'm buying 2 or 3 Yayoi , I can offer 8.8k for 0 exp 3* , 8.6k for 1k+ exp.

Peeler for mona?


ty modssmiley

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