monday 10/08/2009

How much for sledg

Close Please

Please close

I'm wanting to buy melvin for lower than market price.
PM me and we can negotiate a price

Close please

Auction is over
All bid under this tag won't be counted

I sold it, close the subject please smiley smiley smiley

sunday 09/08/2009

Kerozinn + Vickie + Splata + Tessa Cr + Lamar Cr + 150k

Kerrozin is gone thanks you Buyer please close

I made it. smiley
This subjet may be closed. smiley

This event is closed. smiley

91 000 cash now

Sold please close mods

Hi im selling vholt for 35,000

If you want vholt just leave comments or contactme


Im selling vholt for 35,000

any takers?

I would like to trade Guenar CR for and one of the following
Cassio CR
Seldnor CR
Page CR

Also i'll be willing to trade Guenar CR and Dwain CR plus clintz for Splata

Thank you Mods

Can i buy one card 140 clintzsmileysmiley

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