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wednesday 26/08/2009

I want buy kerozinn cr for 95000 max 98000 clintz.who want sell me for this priece please leave here messege or in my mailbox.thanks

I'd like to trade my lvl 3 mona and lvl 1 Eyrik for a striker (any level)smiley

I have never traded before so please tell me how smiley

I trade my vickie with a nahi full exp + 40k de clints

thx mod

I can trade you lots of melvins if you want /.

Thx mod armanda sold you can close

I trade my 2 Alec Cr FULL EXP for 2 Alec Cr 0 Exp.

Thanks mod

Sorry i counted bad smiley 20-25steve

I have now had an offer of Scarlett and have taken it.
This deal is now over.

Mods, please close.

Buy 10 alec. All for 700 000 Clinz

Please close

Feel free to PM me or post here to negotiate price.

I am still looking for the cards. PM me if you have them for trade.

I will buy Deadeye (R) for 500 clintz.

I will buy Deadeye (R) for 500 clintz

I want to buy a Deadeye (R) for 450 Clintz. ASAP.
Those willing to sell, put Deadeye (R) in my private sales.
Thank You.

I've a Dj Korr Cr and I'm looking for Manon Cr , Scarlett Cr and some cash (about 2millions) or 2 Manon Cr and a Scarlett Cr .

I prefer offer with cash.
But any offer that contain the twins may be considerate.
I don't care if they are full or not, it's the same for me.

Mp me and sorry for my english

You realise I'm buying, not selling.
Also, she's a bit lower than that on the market. About 300ish.
PM me if you're willing to go lower than that hatbat23 smiley

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