saturday 08/08/2009

That´s ok, if you give more 6000 clintzs

K i got my kolos

pls close this topic

n thnx again modssmileysmiley

Buying Shakra for 4.7k

Sold!, pls close topic

Close please.


Price in market now is 15000?

Damian + 200 Clintz to
Buck + Gaia
Thank U very much for trade

Mod close plz.

Ill sell you aurora for 6k

Selling aurora for 5400

I'm looking to buy a General cr for 2.5 million clintz. Please, if you have one, and you want 2.5 million clintz right away, send me a private message and I will accept immediately. If 2.5 million clintz is too low, but you're looking to sell your General cr, send me a message and tell me the lowest ammount you would be looking to receive, and I will try my hardest to reach that ammount. Thank you in advance for anyone that is willing to help me out.

That's a great offer ScOOby...only a difference of 8k-ish clintz.
I've got two Jackie 's, one full and one level 3 0xp.
PM me and we'll negotiate.

Mods please close,THANk u

Check your PS mate smiley

Buying uranus 5300clintz pm me plz

Close Please smiley

I want to trade Bloodth and Shakria with Emeth and Archibald, please pm me!! XD

Got it.

Sale over smiley Thanks mods. This can be closed!

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