wednesday 15/07/2009

Im looking to buy Vickie Cr for around 95,000 clintz
Will negotiate slightly
Offers Welcome

Thanks Mods!

Im trying to buy Bloodh 5.5k

Close this mods.


I'm looking to buy a Marina for 7000 clintz.
Please PM me if you wish to sell.

I'll buy ur Hax and Aurora for 8k and a BabyQ. PM me if anyone is willing.

Trade done close pls

Im willing to add cash to trade for dorian. . . .tnx

Close Please


I'm looking to buy a Ratanah for 4000ish clintz, or cards.
Please PM me or post here with your offers.

I only want a 0xp now....i also have 480k...

Private sell to me thx

thx mods

LC-Starkiller dont be a hater i saw that he had it the other day he probably sold it already

Starting bid 860 clintz
End date: 7/27/09 2:00 pm
may the best man win

Ummmmm.....that's above market currently

Mods can u close thx smiley

tuesday 14/07/2009

Close please

2.5K for each one for all 4 12K

Pm me for offer i dont trade person to person i mod trade its way safer.

Thx mods

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